All you need to know: Eagles make blockbuster trade with Saints

PHILADELPHIA, PA – NOVEMBER 24: Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is pictured during the National Football League game between the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles on November 24, 2019 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA (Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire)

Whenever things are a little too quiet in Philadelphia, that’s usually sign that something big is coming. That was very much the case today as far as the Eagles are concerned. The team traded two of its three first-round picks to New Orleans in a monumental deal.

As far as the 2022 draft Capital is concerned, the Eagles give up picks 16 and 19 along with a sixth-rounder. In exchange, they essentially move up one spot in this year’s draft to 18 and pick up two more 2022 picks. More importantly a 2023 1st, and a 2024 2nd.

Howie Roseman has done what we all thought he was going to do. He’s traded out of the first-round to pick up even more valuable draft capital down the road, continuing to stockpile first-round picks so that he has all the leverage in the world to go and either A) find his franchise QB, or B) build around him with an arsenal of draft assets like the world has never seen.

Eagles 2022 draft capital:

First Round (2)

Pick #15 (Dolphins)

Pick #18 (Saints)

Second Round (1)
Third Round (2)
Fourth Round (1)
Fifth Round (3)
Seventh round (1)

At the very least, we can rule out the Eagles taking a QB in the 2022 NFL Draft. It appears as if Jalen Hurts will get at least one more lap around the track before Howie decides to pull him in. If Hurts can continue to develop, then the Eagles GM has plenty of ammunition to find even more cornerstones.

From Howie’s perspective, the move makes a ton of sense. He still has two first-rounders to play with this season and is now armed with two in 2023, which is a class that features much stronger quarterbacks. The more picks he can amass, the more cheap, young players he can draft, the more money he has to make free agency splashes like Hasson Reddick.

Howie SZN.

Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire