Phillies 2022 Hot Stove: Which Big Names Have They Been Linked to So Far?

Phillies GM Dave Dombrowski
ANAHEIM, CA – AUGUST 30: President of Baseball Operations for the Boston Red Sox Dave Dombrowski looks on during batting practice before a MLB game between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on August 30, 2019 at Angel Stadium of Anaheim in Anaheim, CA. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)

As all loyal Phillies fans know, the Phillies are always in contact with every big free agent. Not that they always end up being signing one, or even being a final contender, but they are linked to big-ticket free agents every offseason. So far, they’ve signed two relievers- Corey Knebel and Jeurys Familia. However, there’s still work to be done.

With the MLB lockout finally over and free agency in full swing, it can be tough to keep track of each player that the Phillies have done their due diligence on. Alas, here is the comprehensive list of the big names that Philadelphia has been linked to, as of Sunday, March 13th.

Former Phillies Outfielder, Odubel Herrera

You didn’t think you’d see this news on a bright and sunny Sunday morning, did you?

According to Phillies’ insider Jim Salisbury, Odubel Herrera and his former team have been in contact with each other about a potential reunion.

Nothing has been too serious as of now, but this move screams Phillies. Last season, he returned from his suspension due to a domestic violence case in May of 2019. He was basically Philadelphia’s last option in the outfield, as injuries and personal matters decimated the depth chart.

Despite declining his club option back in November, Herrera may once again find himself as the Phillies’ only remaining option.

Matt Chapman

On the list of the newest big name the Phillies could possibly trade for, Matt Chapman sits at the top.

This move actually makes a ton of sense. The universal DH is here, and Alec Bohm struggled mightily at third base last season. Meanwhile, Rhys Hoskins is basically made to be a DH, and Bohm can play first if he isn’t a part of the deal. Trading for Chapman would add a very talented, three-time gold glove to the hot corner.

Kris Bryant

Here we go, probably the most popular name for the Phillies to acquire.

Not only is it the fans rooting for Philadelphia to make any move needed to bring Kris Bryant to Philadelphia, but so is reigning MVP Bryce Harper.

Bryant is a free agent, so all that is in this conversation is money. He’s played first base, third base, and every position in the outfield, showcasing the versatility and flexibility that the Phillies love. He would fit right in and still leaves the door open for a trade for Chapman.

Trevor Story

After years of hearing potential rumors about the Phillies trading for the two-time all-star, shortstop Trevor Story is finally a free agent. Similar to almost everyone else on this list, it would only become a matter of the dollar signs thrown at him.

As my friend and colleague, Matt Watson, mentioned back in January:

Trevor Story is a career .272 hitter who has averaged 34 home runs and 98 runs batted in a season. He is a two-time All-Star and can absolutely rake in every ballpark. Story’s power could play well protecting Bryce Harper in the Phillies lineup and providing more offense to a team that struggled greatly in the second half of 2021.

The Phillies Should Target Free Agent Trevor Story By Matt Watson

Like pretty much everyone else on this list, Story would be a great addition and would fit right in. Mix in the fact that he’d be playing at Citizens Bank Park, and his numbers would likely be similar to Coors Field, another hitter’s ballpark.

Nick Castellanos

This has been a rumor amongst fans since the end of the 2021 season, but Jon Morosi of recently confirmed that the Phillies are ‘showing interest’ in power hitter Nick Castellanos.

Castellanos exercised his player-option to opt out of his 4 yr(s) / $64,000,000 contract with the Cinncinati Reds. He was set to earn about $18 million when all was set and done in 2022, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was looking for an annual salary of around $22-25 million with his new team.

Most recently, he’s spent his time in right field That’s very obviously occupied, but he’s shown that he can play each area in the outfield and even third base during his career.

Jorge Soler

The Phillies added themselves to a long list of potential suitors for the reigning World Series MVP, Jorge Soler.

After being picked up mid-season by the Atlanta Braves due to their laundry list of injuries in the outfield, Soler powered the Braves to the title with 3 HRs, 1.191 OPS in the World Series. The career. 246 hitter won’t break the bank like some of the other guys, but also is not the most realistic to sign in Philadelphia. However, he’d be an upgrade over what the Phillies’ currently have, and a better option that Odubel Herrera.

Kyle Schwarber

Saving the most exciting and possibly realistic for last, of course. In fact, Jon Heyman of MLB Network went on 94.1 WIP and said that he fully expects the Phillies to sign either Kyle Schwarber or Kris Bryant this offseason.

Love it or hate it, Schwarber would fit the Phillies (and MLB’s, quite honestly) most recent hitting style, meaning swing for the fences, hit dingers, and strikeout.

Obviously, this is a lot of hearsay and relying on Jon Heyman. However, there is still a lot of credibility in the fact that the Phillies need outfielders desperately. So with that I said, why not both? *insert Ortega commercial meme*

Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire