Alec Lindstrom opens up on his journey to the NFL and how he models his game after Jason Kelce

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 08 Holy Cross at Boston College
CHESTNUT HILL, MA – SEPTEMBER 08: Boston College offensive lineman Alec Lindstrom (72) makes a point during a game between the Boston College Eagles and the Holy Cross Crusaders on September 8, 2018, at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. The Eagles defeated the Crusaders 62-14. (Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire)

There hasn’t been a better center in the ACC over the last two years than Alec Lindstrom for the Boston College Eagles. The first center to be named as a two-time, All-ACC First Team, and one of the top ranked offensive lineman in this upcoming draft, Lindstrom has a unique story to share on his future NFL Journey. From High School, to now, Lindstrom has relied on his football family to put him in the right position to succeed.

I sat down with the long-time BC Center earlier to learn more about his journey to the NFL and his favorite interests as we get closer to the NFL Combine.

What made you want to play football?

Lindstrom: Yea, it’s always been my life growing up with it (football). My Dad was the football coach at my high school, so even as a little kid, I’d always go to practice, run around, playing with the bags. There’s a picture of my and my brother making a fort and playing in it during practice. It’s always been in my life and when I got to the point where I could start playing, I did. I didn’t start playing football in High School, I was a big wrestler in middle school, so I didn’t start playing until high school, but watching my brother (Chris) play really is what made me want to be a really good player. I’ve always been around the game, but once I actually started playing was when I fell in love.

What was your favorite moment playing at Boston College?

Lindstrom: I would probably say this year against Missouri. It was the first time a BC team played and beat an SEC in 30-something years. I think it was one of the best games I played in my career and how we played as unit. Missouri had two All-SEC DLinemen on their line and we ran for over 300 yards. We really beat them up. As a leader on the offensive line as a unit with how hard we played and how hard we worked, and I was so emotional. I know the fans rushed the field and that was great but it was more emotional because of how well we played up-front. It solidified how well a unit we played the entire year. It was an unreal feeling doing it with the guys you’ve been playing with for three years now was so unreal.

Your brother was a first-round pick just a few years ago with the Atlanta Falcons. Your Dad was also drafted to the NFL. How much of a help have they been to get you ready for the start of this process?

Lindstrom: Chris is definitely my biggest supporter. We’ve been so close forever, we had bunk beds all throughout high school and when we got to college we were roommates in college. Him having gone through that process and having him there and telling me what to expect, what might happen and how to respond to different situations. At the shrine bowl, I sent him clips of my tape of my play and he was giving me tips and critiques. He’s just my number one supporter and it’s an unreal resource that no-one else has. I really am grateful for him.

With Chris playing in Atlanta, is there any interest or hope in joining with your brother with the Falcons?

Lindstrom: You know, I wouldn’t have any number one place that I want to be. I think it would be really cool to play with Chris and it would be cool to play with him when it comes to college and then the pros. But I have no care or concern of where I go. Whoever takes me I will be loyal to and love every second of it and work so hard. Whether it’s California, or staying in Boston or Philly, to wherever I go, I am ready to go and get to work to help a team. It would be cool to play with my brother but if not, it’s ok, I’m just ready to go help a team win.

What do you think are your biggest strengths and weaknesses coming into the NFL?

Lindstrom: Obviously I am kind of an undersized guy but my size and strength has been one of my weaker points. When people ask what have I done to fix that, I tell people to watch my tape from 2018 to now and even from this season to the shrine game and watch how much it’s improved. I’m getting stronger and bigger every day, every year and have constantly looked to gain weight. I know I’m an undersized guy but that’s also where kind of my biggest strengths are. I’m always looking to improve. My biggest strength is my football I.Q. and my quickness.

The best example is Jason Kelce. He’s one of the guys I model myself after. He’s the same size as me, he’s not the biggest or strongest but he’s always aware of what’s going on and uses that to play fast. He’s more of a fast and agile guy and uses that to gain so much confidence to get to that next level. I know as a smaller guy, I know I won’t be able to push around some of the larger defensive tackles but I can use my speed and football IQ to my benefit to get guys moving away from the gaps they need to cover.

Outside of football, you’ve also started a podcast while at BC titled ” Listen Up My Dudes”. What got you thinking to start that and what’s your end goal there?

Lindstrom: Yea I haven’t done it since I graduated but our PR Guy Jason, came up to me during COVID and they knew I had the personality and like talking to people so I started the podcast. It was awesome interviewing the guys and eating food with them and learning their story and hearing about their career at BC. The next year things got busy but it’s something I definitely want to start back up again. Talking football. Talking life. What’s better than that? I had a lot of fun with the podcast and it came up because of COVID and opened up another outlet outside of football.

You also run food reviews on Instagram. What is your favorite food to review and enjoy?

Lindstrom: I am a dessert guy at heart. I love to bake and it’s fun. What’s better than going out and getting a nice piece of dessert? Whether it’s cake or ice cream or brownies. I wouldn’t say that I’m the guy who gets home and immediately wants dessert but I wouldn’t say that I’m NOT that guy. I just love dessert and you can never go wrong with dessert. I don’t care if I’m in a food coma but I’m into all kinds of desserts and if there’s dessert on the table, I’ll find room to eat it.

One final question, when you head to the combine, what do you want coaches, front office members and future teammates to know about you as a person?

Lindstrom: I just want them to know that I’m a hardworking guy that’s going to do whatever it takes to win. Whether it’s winning my one-on-one matchup, winning a starting job, it all comes down to having your team win. The most important thing in football is why you work so hard. It’s to win. I want guys to know that I’m going to do everything possible to help my team win. I’m not going to be an asshole about it. I’m a good guy, I like to have fun and joke around with the guys and be a good guy that I want teams to know I’m going to work as hard as possible. I’m going to work as hard as possible to get better to help the team win.

Lindstrom currently projects as a potential day three selection but a strong combine will only help his candidacy. His speed and quickness have had scouts pair him to some of the best at the position and it will be intriguing to see who is able to nab the best center in the ACC in April.

Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire