Sixers to Pursue Harden, Nets Open to Deal

NBA: DEC 27 Nets at Clippers
LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 27: Brooklyn Nets Guard James Harden (13) argues a non foul call as the Los Angeles Clippers face off against the Brooklyn Nets at Arena on Monday, December 27, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Will Navarro/Icon Sportswire)

The NBA trade deadline is one of the most periods in all of sports. While it’s just one day in a particularly exciting year, it’s more like a week-long affair. That’s shaping up to be the case this season, as there has already been some action followed by what can only be considered music to Sixers fans’ ears. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, not only are the Sixers expected to pursue James Harden, but the Nets are also open to listening.

First and foremost, to temper expectations, Shams did go on to say that the Nets are not in a rush to move Harden, and the expectation around the league is that the Sixers will hold onto Simmons into the offseason. That being said, this news makes a Harden deal more realistic now than it had been up to this point.

While the fact that the Sixers are pursuing Harden comes as no surprise. Daryl Morey and the team have had Harden in their sights as long as Morey has been with the team, and there was almost a deal struck last season. There are multiple reports as to why a deal was not successful, but regardless, it seems there is now a path to Harden on the table for the Sixers as the Nets are surprisingly willing to listen to offers for Harden.

To form a proper deal, it will take more than just Ben Simmons alone. To secure Harden, the Sixers would likely need to include one of Danny Green or Seth Curry, as well as Matisse Thybulle and at least one draft pick. It will not be a light package, do not expect the Sixers to get Harden for a steal.

Some consider Harden (Not Ray Allen) to be Morey’s white whale; however, with this latest news, it’s starting to seem as though Morey may accomplish what Captain Ahab could not. There is still roughly a week between now, and plenty will occur between now and then, but one thing is certain, we’re in for one of the most exciting trade deadlines in recent memory.