AFCON Matchday three highlights

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AFCON 2021 transitioning from 24 teams to 16. The final matchday helped fill out the remaining spots in the knockout rounds. Before we move on to the fun that is single elimination soccer, we need to see how the final 16 were filled out. Here’s a look back at all of the highlights from the matches of the final matchday of the group stage.

Group A

Burkina Faso vs Ethiopia

Cape Verde vs Cameroon


Group B

Malawi vs Senegal

Zimbabwe vs Guinea


Group C

Gabon vs Morocco

Ghana vs Comoros


Group D

Egypt vs Sudan

Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria


Group E

Ivory Coast vs Algeria

Sierra Leone vs Equatorial Guinea


Group F

Gambia vs Tunisia

Mali vs Mauritania


The Knockout rounds start this weekend

The final 16 teams are set for the knockout rounds! It should make for some great soccer, when do single-elimination games not give us suspense and greatness?! Here are the matchups:

  • Burkina Faso vs Gabon
  • Nigeria vs Tunisia
  • Guinea vs Gambia
  • Cameroon vs Comoros
  • Senegal vs Cape Verde
  • Morocco vs Malawi
  • Ivory Coast vs Egypt
  • Mali vs Equatorial Guinea

Don’t miss out on this action! We’ll keep giving updates after each round of the tournament. Who will win AFCON 2021?

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