Dak’s postgame actions only further shows how strong Jalen Hurts is as a leader

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts
ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 12: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles barks out the signals during second half of the 2021 Week 1 NFL game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles on September 12, 2021 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire)

It wasn’t all terrible for Eagles fans on Sunday! After the team dropped a 31-15 blowout to the defending champion Buccaneers, it didn’t take long for the finger pointing to start.

Moods changed four hours later when the arch-rival Dallas Cowboys dropped a 23-17 playoff game to San Francisco at home. If the Eagles looked bad, the Cowboys looked even worse when context is added. A franchise that kept touting how many superstars they had on their roster and how unique they all were to be on the same team surely wouldn’t lose a home playoff game to an inferior talented team right?

Welp, that’s just what happened. The Dallas stars came our and wilted under the pressure. Zeke Elliott and Tony Pollard did nothing on the ground, Trevon Diggs got burned repeatedly, and CeeDee Lamb was nowhere to be found. The real stinker was at QB however.

For all the people who complained about how bad Jalen Hurts was on Sunday, Dak was arguably much worse, with better talent around him. I’m not even kidding, the two QB’s put up almost identical stats yesterday, and only one of them is playing with multi-pro-bowl players.

But that’s not the reason we’re here right now. We’re here because of what happened after the Cowboys game. After Dak Prescott ran a QB Draw over the middle of the field, and did not give the football to the sprinting field judge, time ran out and Dallas was upset because they felt they got hosed. Even though everyone, and their mother has been saying they botched their own play on their own accord.

After the game, the Cowboys faithful, the same people who keep reminding people of how they threw snowballs at Santa 50 years ago, decided to throw garbage at the refs on the field.

You know, perfectly normal behavior.


Now, the obvious thing for the Cowboy players and coaches to do would be to offer a statement saying they condemn the fans actions. That’s not what happened though. Mike McCarthy went to the podium and complained about the refs, and then Cowboys Captain, Dak Prescott said his piece.

Openly condoning fans throwing stuff on the field because of a blunder isn’t what you normally hear from leaders of franchises. I mean this dude literally said it was ok to harrass a referee because of a call that didn’t go your way. I mean even Cowboys defender extraordinaire, Skip Bayless was shocked Dak would even say this.

Outside of the extremely lengthy fine that is going to be coming Dak’s way because it’s really just an abhorrent thing to say at that time, it got me thinking: Jalen Hurts, as a leader, is already lightyears ahead of Dak Prescott.

It really isn’t close. Just look at yesterday’s press conference from both players and tell me there isn’t a difference.

In Hurts’ mindset, it’s about getting better knowing that he wasn’t good enough to win on Sunday. You have a player like Jordan Mailata defending Hurts and recognizing the leader Hurts is. Hurts mentioned year three for him starts today, inferring that his offseason training is going to begin quickly.

That’s something a leader says, does and acts like.

Dak Prescott on the other hand literally inciting his fanbase to throw trash at refs because the most penalized team in football, once again, got penalized a bunch. It was not about what Dak did wrong and what he’ll improve on. It was about how someone else got in the way of the Cowboys winning.

Both QB’s played very poorly in Sunday’s game. One QB acted like a leader and had a promising message for the future of the team. The other spent the afternoon complaining about other factors beside himself.

You can debate the skillset all you want between Dak and Hurts. But it’s very clear that Hurts is a much better leader for the franchise and the city of Philadelphia more so than Dak has been in Dallas.

Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire