Union’s Fontana on the move to Italy?

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Anthony Fontana, once the cream of the Union’s homegrown crop, looks to have played his last minute in the blue and gold. Reports are circulating that Fontana is on the move to Italy. Serie B side Ascoli Calcio is rumored to have signed the Union homegrown. Is Fontana on the move to Italy?


Fontana to Ascoli Calcio?

It seems that the rumors are true that Anthony Fontana is on his way to the 10th place team in Serie B. Ascoli seems to play a similar formation to the Union, and a goal-scoring number 10 would be a welcome addition to their team. Fontana was rumored to be unhappy with his lack of playing time coming back from injury in 2021.

Coming off of his hot 2020 season many thought that 2022 would finally be the year that Fontana made the jump to contributing more for Philly. Unfortunately, when Fontana returned to health in 2021, the Union had signed Gazdag, and younger homegrowns, Sullivan, McGlynn, and Aaronson had all impressed to get spots on the bench.

This seems to be the story of Fontana’s career with the Union as he has been passed each year by another player since 2018. The consistent goalscoring midfielder never got a foothold of a starting spot in Philly, and now he’ll look to do so in Italy. The way the news broke was for sure interesting!

What a way to break the news

On New Year’s Eve, Fontana’s girlfriend posted that her boyfriend was moving to Italy in two days. This was just before more people were confirming that Fontana would indeed be moving on to the Serie B side. This is a wild way to break news, but this is the world we live in now.

Players, or their significant others, breaking things on social media seems to be something that will become more of a norm as we enter 2022. It’s the reason why fans follow the accounts of the players and their significant others so closely. Hell, we saw Kai Wagner post a picture to his Instagram story at FC Shalake yesterday, and fans were up in arms about his potential move there. Get used to seeing some major news dropped on social media as the years go on.

Could this be the first of many outbound moves?

This Fontana move has not yet been finalized, but there are rumblings out there of other Union players who may move this offseason. Our boy El Parcero Philly looks more at that in his latest Union Talk video!

Players leaving is something that can be expected when a team is successful. We’ll have to wait and see if the Union loses a few more players; whether that be more role players, or starters looking for a new destination. Either way, this shortened offseason will be a busy one for the Union.

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