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Rumor: Sixers Have Identified 30 Targets in Ben Simmons Swap

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The Ben Simmons rumors just never seem to go away for the Sixers; however, it appears the team has now identified 30 potential targets in a Simmons swap.

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, there have been some developments on the Ben Simmons situation. No word yet on a deal getting done, but the Sixers may be expanding their search. In his most recent article, Amick shared:

“A source with knowledge of the list said there are approximately 30 players who would satisfy the Sixers in a Simmons swap, and there’s an internal belief that a fair amount of them — let’s say five to 10 — could become available in the next year or two. And while it might sound like a long list, consider this much: It’s approximately six percent of the league and the rough equivalent to the number of All-Stars selected every season. The framing of the timeline, more than anything else, speaks volumes about the long-term approach the Sixers insist they’re taking.

“This is like a multi-year thing,” a Sixers source said.”

Sam amick

Daryl Morey and the Philadelphia 76ers seem to have expanded their search from the 5-10 players previously reported to an estimated number of about 30 potential trade targets. Not only that but some of those names are believed to be on the verge of becoming available…soon…ish.

There’s a lot to unpack but at its core, there is some good news, bad news, no news in that statement.

The “good news” is that the Sixers seem to be less strict on a Simmons trade than they were before and don’t necessarily require a “godfather offer.” Previously it seemed as if Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal were the only targets Morey would even consider, so it’s encouraging to see that list growing.

On the other hand, the “bad news” can be summed up in one key phrase, “This is like a multi-year thing.” Those are the words of a Sixers source who spoke with Amick. That ties into the implication Amick made when speaking about the 5-10 players the Sixers expect to become available within “the next year or two.”

Finally, the “no news” is evident in that, like before, there is still no foreseeable resolution to this drama. Hopefully, it does not take a “year or two,” but if you’re a bettering person, stay away from that action.

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