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Eagles draft pick tracker: Week 8 couldn’t have gone any better

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The Philadelphia Eagles burst into life on Sunday, demolishing the Lions 44-6. In the process, they may have pushed their own draft pick back a few rungs down the ladder, but that didn’t matter. The team responded in the best way possible, showing that there is still plenty of potential for this team and coaching staff to unlock. The rest of the hard work was done by the Dolphins and Colts.

Eagles draft picks and weekly change

No. 3 (from Miami) – +1
No. 8 (PHI own) + 2
No. 9 (from Indy) – 4

All three picks are now inside the top-10. The Colts pick was sitting at #13 after week 7 and should’ve been even higher this morning, but Carson Wentz had other plans. In what was a game that embodied everything great and terrible about the Colts quarterback, Wentz found a way to toss a pick six from his own endzone to give the Titans a late lead, only to tie the game back with very little time remaining. He then threw a damning interception in overtime, gifting Tennessee the win.

This was the perfect scenario for the Eagles. The Colts stay competitive, Carson Wentz plays every snap, and that draft pick flies into the top-10. Beautiful.

As for the Dolphins…well, it’s the Dolphins. They did hold Buffalo’s offense down for the majority of the game but were unable to find any traction on offense, with Tua being asked to do all of the heavy lifting. The Bills scored 23 of their 26 points in the second half, exploring into life and coming away with a win they simply couldn’t afford to drop.

*Side-note: I don’t know why the Jets traded for Joe Flacco. Mike White somehow put together a very Gardener Minshew-esque performance yesterday in a 34-31 win over the Bengals. 405 yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 picks were enough to seal the deal and probably give him enough of a lifeline to keep playing.

The sixth rounder given to the Eagles for Flacco is never going to materialize into a fifth if this continues, but that shouldn’t matter. The Eagles were able to get back the pick given up for Minshew, and New York gave up a sixth for…nothing? Nice.

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