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How a Deshaun Watson trade could impact the Eagles

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The Deshaun Watson storm had calmed down over the past month or so, but things took an abrupt turn on Wednesday evening. Out of nowhere, the troubled Texans QB was suddenly being linked in trade rumors with the Miami Dolphins, while the Denver Broncos were dragged into a corresponding move with Miami for Tua. It’s all a little bit complicated and for the most part still rumor-based, but there is a chance that he’s moved soon and it could carry some heavy weight for Philadelphia.

The Eagles should be out of the running in the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes. Although they’re still linked to the QB, this article isn’t forecasting them as a front runner. Nothing has changed over the past few months in terms of evidence to suggest his innocence in the ongoing legal battle which sees Watson facing 22 civil suits that allege sexual assault. However there are some misconceptions regarding Watson’s current standing.

He’s actually eligible to play. He’s not on a commissioners exemption list, he’s not dealing with a league mandated suspension, and there hasn’t been a change on this stance. Teams who are now despite for a QB help may be beginning to ignore their moral compass with the idea of attaining Watson becoming more realistic.

Houston are reportedly seek three first-round picks for Watson along with a pair of seconds. This is where things get interesting.

The Miami Dolphins gave the Eagles their 2022 first-rounder to move up to the sixth overall pick in the Draft last year to snatch Alabama’s Jaylen Waddle. While it wasn’t the worst move at the time, the team now sit at 1-5, giving the Eagles the second overall pick as things stand. It’s easy to see why Miami would want to double down to get themselves out of a very deep hole, especially given that like the Eagles, their schedule lightens up massively towards the end of the season.

With 11 games left on the slate, if Miami were to acquire a quarterback who many believe to be one of the very elite in the NFL, it’s easy to see them rebounding to a record close to .500 and potentially beyond. This would see one of the three picks that the Eagles own in the first round of the 2022 Draft quickly snowball into the mid-tier.

What’s a little more worrying is that there would be obvious repercussions for Houston. If they don’t want Tua, they’re bound to use the picks gained in the Watson trade to try and bring in help from somewhere, or at least fortify their roster for the short-term as well. The Texans are also 1-5 and any kind of improvement (and sense of freeing themselves from the Watson situation) would actually benefit the Eagles. As of right now, they hold the 4th overall pick. The Eagles hold picks 2,8,9. Houston dropping back a few spots with a few wins could really benefit the Eagles.

FInally, there’s the Broncos. Currently sitting at 3-3, they could be a team on the fringe of causing some problems for Howie’s latter first-round picks. It’s not like their offense is thriving right now and with Bridgewater concussed, they might see that as a sign to bring in some additional help. If that comes in the way of Tua, who could really be a 50/50 as to whether or not he’ll change their immediate fortunes, the Eagles might have their picks knocked back a little or alternatively, it’s one less team to knock them out of the top-10.

There are a lot of dominoes that need to fall first and this is all speculative. But if Watson does end up on the Dolphins, it doesn’t just change the NFL landscape, but could sweep all three Eagles picks up in a hurricane, leaving an aftermath that isn’t as enticing as the picture we’re seeing now.

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  • Dave says:

    NO!!!!!NO!!!!!NO!!! to Watson. He the subject of 22 allegations of sexual assault!!! With 22 separate accusations, how can none of them being true. If we trade for Watson, and then later he is found guilty of just 1 of those, he will be suspended for probably a lengthy period of time….think MeToo. Now you have no picks or a QB. You could lose up to 5 picks with this move. We would be better off using those picks to give Hurts some help, or better the D. Barnett is is on his 5th year and probably won’t be here next year. Graham is 33 coming off a major injury. Slay will be 32, Nelson is at best serviceable. McCloud and Harris will be free agents at the end of the year. We could have 3 top 10 picks. No team has ever had that.. EVER!!! We could conceivably find 3 starters, in the 1st round. To trade that many picks for a guy that could be convicted of those charges would be the stupidest move this team has ever made. You said this is a rebuilding year. 3 picks is a gift. Build up the D. This is a golden opportunity to make this team 3 players better in just the first round.

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