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NSFW site shoot their shot with a troubled Ben Simmons for a good cause

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The Ben Simmons saga isn’t going away anytime soon and one site in particular has decided to try and cash in on all the drama. StripChat, an NSFW adult cam site, has sent an email to Simmons, offering him $1M for a brand partnership in a bid to raise awareness for men’s sexual health.

Normally, this wouldn’t really be worth posting. However, the email itself was written in a way that surely would’ve enraged the Aussie point guard in the process.

This is obviously very tongue in cheek and I can’t imagine Simmons or Rich Paul being elated with this kind of offer being pinged into their inboxes amidst all of the current shenanigans. But unlike Ben Simmons, I decided to shoot my shot:

If Strip Chat are looking for some publicity, mission accomplished. But now it’s time to volley the ball back into their court and see if they want to play the PSN way.

Stay tuned to see how this story pans out.

Could we potentially snag an accidental deal with an NSFW website? I don’t even know how that would work. Maybe I’ll just post highlights of Tyrese Maxey, a fancam of Seth Curry, and a video of Ben Simmons looking sad. Surely that’s worth $1M to them, right?

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