A Sixers Fan Guide to the 2021 Fantasy Basketball Draft


With the start of the NBA season approaching quickly, fantasy managers are starting to envision what their teams will look like. Here is a quick guide on which Sixers players you should pick up, avoid, and some sleepers that might boost your team to the championship!

Players To Pick Up

Joel Embiid

Picking up Joel Embiid is a no-brainer in the first round, and he will likely be taken within the first 6-7 picks. As the runner-up in the MVP conversation last year, Embiid’s fantasy value has gone up tremendously. With the uncertainty of Ben Simmons’ future lingering over the Sixers, Embiid will have more room to optimize his game, landing a fantasy manager guaranteed big numbers when Embiid hits the floor. The only downside of drafting the 7ft center is his history of injury, leading to long stretches of 0 playing time. 

Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris is a solid 3rd to 4th round pick. Coming off of one of his best regular seasons last year. Harris proved to the Sixers that he could be one of their top scorers and really honed in on his three-point shot. Harris, like Embiid, will only have room to grow in his role once Ben Simmons is moved, as the ball will be put in his hands more often. On the other hand, fantasy managers can expect Harris to have inconsistent stretches where the ball just is not landing.

Players To Avoid

Matisse Thybulle

Matisse Thybulle’s defense might want to sway you into drafting him, but it might be best to leave the Sixers fan-favorite player off your roster this year. While Matisse’s stellar defensive skills translate well on his stat sheet, his offensive inconsistencies still remain a large issue.

Thybulle has been working on his three-point shooting, evident in his bronze medal performance in this year’s Olympics, but it might be too big a leap of faith to include on your team come draft night. If Thybulle can remain consistent on both ends of the floor, he could definitely be a great pick-up down the line.

Danny Green

Danny Green is no doubt a key role player on the Sixers, but that doesn’t mean he needs to be on your fantasy team. With Matisse Thybulle and him set to duke it out this year for a starting position, Danny Green is going to look at some cut-down playing time. While Danny is essential for knocking down corner threes for the Sixers, it is best you avoid the veteran shooting guard come draft night.


Tyrese Maxey

With Ben Simmons likely to never put on a Sixers uniform again, Tyrese Maxey will take his spot in the starting lineup. Maxey will be a late-round pick-up because fans know he won’t touch the ball as much as Simmons did during his tenure on the Sixers. Maxey, however, is a young kid with a lot to prove with his first big stretch starting in the NBA, so it might be a bet worth taking, drafting the young guard.

Seth Curry

Seth Curry will no doubt be the Sixers best three-point shooter this season. While Curry will most likely still be available at the end of your draft, his minutes will only go up as the season goes on. Leading to more chances for him to sink the ball in from beyond the arc.