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Sixers Expect Ben Simmons To Play This Season

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The rumors have never stopped surrounding Ben Simmons, but the latest is that the Sixers expect that Simmons won’t sit out this season after all.

The Sixers were given an ultimatum and put in a terrible position by both Ben Simmons and his agent Rich Paul. Report after report came out that Simmons not only demanded a trade but that he would even sit out of training camp and the regular season if need be. That was until Tom Moore reported that the Sixers are expecting Simmons to play this season.

According to more, the Sixers are satisfied riding with Simmons into the season as they feel it clearly beats the alternative, which would be settling on a bad offer. It’s a clear case of Daryl Morey continuing to play hardball and not caving to the pressure set by Simmons and his agent Rich Paul.

Plenty has come out suggesting that Morey had been willing to listen to Simmons trades but that he had also been asking for an “unreasonable” return. Many have since come out publicly against Morey, stating that his steep negotiating price would only delay a Simmons deal, leading to his value diminishing further and further.

Morey’s asking price for Simmons, though, is not only not out of character but also not out of the ordinary. Former NBA player and executive Raja Bell confirmed this himself on The Ringer’s “NBA Show” podcast.

Daryl Morey calling Rich Paul’s bluff could be the best thing to happen to the Sixers in this scenario (assuming Simmons plays along). Objectively, the best reported off for Simmons so far was the first, Malcolm Brogdon, and a first-round pick for Ben Simmons.

It’s not the safest game going against Rich Paul, but early results have been promising, and if Simmons does suit up for the Sixers this season, that will surely be the best way to boost his trade value.

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