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Breaking: Jordan Mailata signs 4-year contract extension with the Eagles

Image for Breaking: Jordan Mailata signs 4-year contract extension with the Eagles

On the eve of the regular season, the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to a deal with starting Left Tackle, Jordan Mailata, per Adam Caplan.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Mailata was entering his contract year and was doing so on the back of an incredible 2020 campaign where he was forced to step into the shoes of a starter. A former seventh-round pick, Mailata had taken huge strides in his development each year, but was yet to really be battle-tested. He passed with flying colors.

Jordan Mailata played a total of 733 offensive snaps during the 2020 season with 502 of them being pass-blocking snaps. Out of those, the Aussie allowed a total of 32 pressures. He was graded as a top 15 tackle by PFF from week 11 and on.  While he did allow 7 sacks last year, he only allowed a sack after every 71st snap. He averaged giving up pressure on every 16th.

He was easily the brightest star in an otherwise pitch-black sky, giving the Eagles some real confidence in the former Rugby player. The only issue was that they had traded up for Andre Dillard’s services only two years ago, and now there was a legitimate conversation to be had.

However, Mailata rose to the occasion this Summer, beating out Dillard with ease and securing the starting role. Realizing just how high his ceiling really is, Roseman decided to jump the gun and secure their left tackle of the future.

His new deal sees him make a little less than Garrett Boles and Laremy Tunsil, ranking as the 9th highest tackle in the NFL. Considering there are still some lingering concerns with regards to a back injury and of course his relative inexperience after just ten starts, this feels like a pretty safe space to operate in.

Eagles fans can go to bed even happier tonight. Their favorite Aussie who can sing as well as he pass blocks is staying in the City of Brotherly Love for another four years.

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

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