What Daryl Morey and the Sixers Should Do at 28 if Simmons is Still Here

Ben Simmons
PHILADELPHIA, PA – MAY 05: Philadelphia 76ers Guard Ben Simmons (25) looks on during warmups before the Eastern Conference Semifinal Game between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers on May 05, 2018 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

Ben Simmons trade rumors are swirling. What should Daryl Morey and the Sixers do in the draft if Simmons remains on the team?

The goal in Philadelphia is to win a championship. The one person that currently stands in the organization’s way is their max contract point guard Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons is in trade rumors left and right after coming off the worst playoff performance of his young career. The one thing Daryl Morey and the Sixers brass have is time.

Currently, there isn’t a disgruntled star on the market, and it is typically harder to land a blockbuster trade after draft night due to exchanging of picks. Teams would prefer to make their own selection. To give the Sixers more leverage in trade talks, the Sixers front office can trade out of the 28th overall pick and acquire a 2023 first-round pick as well as a 2nd rounder in the late 30s early 40s range.

The 2nd rounder will allow the Sixers to still select a player they like without paying them first-round money. The 2023 first-round pick would give the Sixers an extra future asset that can be used to either draft a player or be used as a trade piece. This would make it easier to land a star player such as Bradley Beal or Damian Lillard if either one became available. In case this seems a bit confusing, the NBA doesn’t allow teams to trade their own pick in consecutive seasons. If the Sixers trade their 2022 first, they cannot trade their 2023 first. The next first the organization can trade after the 2023 pick is a 2027 first-rounder since they dealt their 2025 first-round pick to OKC.

If they acquire a 2023 first from another team. The Sixers can then send that first in a trade to land a star in a Ben Simmons deal. The three future firsts could entice some teams, leading to a faster rebuild. It will give Daryl Morey more leverage in trade talks if Ben Simmons is still a Philadelphia 76er after draft night. Ben Simmons is under contract for four more years and virtually zero leverage in a trade destination. After reports from The Athletic this week, we now know what the Sixers are potentially asking in exchange for Ben Simmons.

The alleged offer had a framework around Ben Simmons for Kyle Lowry, Freddie VanVleet, OG Anunoby, and the 4th overall pick. Now that is a lot, and the Sixers would have to add pieces to the trade for the money to work. Danny Green in a sign-and-trade or George Hill would be the most likely options.

In a new report from The Athletic, the three front runners for Ben Simmons are currently the Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, and Washington Wizards. Out of all three clubs, there is only one potential disgruntled star, as mentioned before, Bradley Beal. Washington Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard told reporters on Wednesday that Beal has not requested a trade before Thursday night’s draft.

If there isn’t a star on the market, it makes more sense to keep Ben Simmons. But the breakup seems inevitable as the Sixers continue to talk to teams ahead of Thursday’s draft centered around Ben Simmons, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.