Looking forward to the Copa America knockout rounds: Quarterfinals

The 2021 Copa America group stage felt like a marathon. Now we know the eight teams that made it out of the groups and are headed to the quarterfinals. The field of eight has two major favorites, two dark horses, and then the rest of the pack. Let’s take a look at these nations competing to be the best in Conmebol, as we look forward to the Copa America knockout rounds: quarterfinals.

Copa America knockout rounds: Quarterfinals
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Copa America knockout rounds: quarterfinals

The knockout rounds open right up to the quarterfinals in the 2021 Copa America. The final eight nations standing now get to focus on a win or go home game that can solidify a nation as great for this current time in a federation. Here’s a look at all four quarterfinal matches:

  • Peru vs Paraguay | Friday, July 2nd @ 5:00 pm EST | FS1
  • Brazil vs Chile | Friday, July 2nd @ 8:00 pm EST | FS1
  • Uruguay vs Colombia | Saturday, July 3rd @ 6:00 pm EST | FS1
  • Argentina vs Ecuador | Saturday, July 3rd @ 9:00 pm EST | FS1

So how did these four teams get to their place in the quarters? Take a look back at our recap of the final matchday to see how these nations finished above the last place in their respected groups.

Let’s look at each of these games to preview the action and intensity that will come from the Copa America Quarterfinals.

Surprising teams Peru and Paraguay meet for a chance to go to the semis

Peru was the second-place finisher behind Brazil in Zona Norte. Their 2-1-1 record was enough to beat out every other nation other than the reigning Copa America titleholders. Now the Peruvian side looks to take this good run of form to Paraguay. Paraguay won twice and lost twice in Zona Sur to claim third place. Their positive goal difference is a step in the right direction for this surprising side. Can it be enough to beat 2016 finalists Peru?

Peru has had recent success in Copa America knockout rounds. They made it through to the final in 2016 and have a shot at this tournament to make a run again if they can utilize their counterattack. Paraguay also likes to hit teams in transition moments. When they are allowed to put together those quick attacks and take the chances that they create, then they could make a surprising run to the semifinals.

Catch this match on Friday, July 2 at 5:00 pm EST on FS1.

Favorites Brazil take on dark horse Chile in an epic match

Brazil has been the best team at this Copa America. Their perfect 3-1-0 record and plus eight-goal differential gave them the top spot in Zona Norte. Chile has had a disappointing 2021 Copa America so far. They finished fourth in Zona Sur with only one win and three goals to their good. Will the favorites come out on top in this knockout match, or will the struggling dark horse find their form?

Brazil is the class of South America. they play beautiful tiki-taka soccer. It truly has played their opposition off of the field more than once so far in this iteration of the Copa America. Chile is forever a dark horse team in Conmebol. There are times when they play an amazing game and win huge matches. Other times they fall on their face. This match will come down to how much Chile can limit and then hit Brazil in transition moments.

Catch this match on Friday, July 2 at 8:00 pm EST on FS1.

Uruguay and Colombia look to make case for their title chances 

Uruguay finished second in Zona Sur winning twice, drawing once, and losing once. They should be one of the giants of South American football but have not lived up to that title recently in the big matches. Colombia took the third spot in Zona Norte. Their lone win, one draw, and two losses luckily gave them enough of a boost to make the quarter-finals, but they have not looked the best either.

Uruguay has not been the best version of themselves in the 2021 Copa America, but they still have been damn good. They get chances and put shots on target, while severely limiting their opponent’s chances. Colombia is a side that is hard to get a real read on. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re far from good. They’ll need to show off more of their good in this one should they want to move on to face the winner of Argentina-Ecuador in the semis.

Catch this match on Saturday, July at 6:00 pm EST on FS1.

Argentina look to utilize class over upstart Ecuador

Argentina looks to be clicking thanks to the living legend Messi. Their three wins and one draw meant they took the top spot of Zona Sur. Their class is evident but can it push them to win this tournament? Ecuador looks to be an upstart team in Conmebol. Even though they failed to win in the group stage, their three draws put them above the last place and therefore into the quarterfinals. Will the class of Argentina be enough to stifle the upstarts Ecuador?

The short answer to this question is yes. Leo Messi leads the tournament field in goals, and the Argentina side has only conceded twice. Ecuador may have scored five goals in the group stage but let up six. The Argentinians should have a field day running at this backline.

Catch this match on Saturday, July at 9:00 pm EST on FS1.

Who will make the semifinals?

There are two bonafide favorites in this tournament. Will they be able to get to the final four of this competition? Or will the field beat them en route to lifting a coveted South American trophy. Here’s a look at when and where you can tune in for these matches.

  • Peru vs Paraguay | Friday, July 2nd @ 5:00 pm EST | FS1
  • Brazil vs Chile | Friday, July 2nd @ 8:00 pm EST | FS1
  • Uruguay vs Colombia | Saturday, July 3rd @ 6:00 pm EST | FS1
  • Argentina vs Ecuador | Saturday, July 3rd @ 9:00 pm EST | FS1

You don’t want to miss any of this action. Some of the world’s best players will try to bring their nation to be the best in Conmebol. We at Philly Sports Network will have you covered with previews, recaps and everything in-between as this tournament comes in for a landing over the next week.

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