Three Ben Simmons Trades Between The Sixers And The Blazers

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LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 03: Portland Trail Blazers Guard Damian Lillard (0) points to a teammate during a NBA game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Clippers on December 3, 2019 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)

Ben Simmons’ name has been around the rumor mill, and much of that has involved Portland. What could the Blazers offer the Sixers in a deal?

There have been plenty of rumors involving the Sixers trading Ben Simmons to the Portland Trail Blazers. Whether it be for CJ McCollum or Damian Lillard himself, the chatter has been there, and it’s not hard to see why. Simmons would fill so many needs for the Blazers (alongside Lillard). Conversely, Lillard (and, to a lesser degree McCollum) would do the same for the Sixers.

What could the Blazers offer in a trade for Ben Simmons, though? Would it make sense for both teams?

The “Sixers Can Do Better” Trade

CJ McCollum has been the most popular name in the Ben Simmons trade rumor mill. Many have speculated that a straight-up trade player-for-player swap could work, but frankly, that’s a little light on value for the Sixers. While McCollum is certainly a more talented scorer than Simmons, McCollum is five years older, with a longer injury history, and a much more limited game.

Even if you add in a solid young player like Nassir Little, the value doesn’t seem there for Philly. It’s just of matter of whether or not the team can find better value for Simmons. According to Brian Windhorst, though, there’s not only a good amount of interest, but Simmons’ trade value is sky-high.

If the Sixers have literally no better trade option for Ben Simmons (which would be hard to believe), then this is a possibility.

The “Welcome Home Roco” Trade

Adding just CJ McCollum for Ben Simmons is a move that won’t fly for Sixers fans, and rightfully so. Simmons does so much that McCollum is unable to that while the team would finally have its perimeter scorer, they’d be losing plenty of rebounding, athleticism, and most importantly, defense.

While Robert Covington is not the defender that Simmons is, he’s still an extremely talented and versatile defender. Covington, whom many if not all fans are familiar with, would have a chance to return to the Process in hopes of completing the end goal, an NBA championship.

All for just the extra price of George Hill’s contract. While you can make the case the deal leaves the Sixers light at point guard, the team should be able to pick up a point guard in free agency or on the trade market without much issue.

The “Dame Wants Out” Trade

Many Sixers fans have maintained that, while they want to trade Simmons, they won’t do it for anything less than a bonafide superstar. Those are quite the terms, but it’s understandable to want good value that can help you win now in return for a player like Simmons.

To be clear, for the Sixers to have any shot at trading for Damian Lillard, he would have to demand a trade and actually have interest in coming to Philadelphia. That’s quite a lot of ifs, but it’s not impossible.

If the Sixers could land Lillard, though, expect it to be for nothing less than a King’s ransom.

Simmons, Thybulle, Maxey, Paul Reed, and multiple first-round picks. Frankly, there’s no other way that a deal happens unless you’re will to pay the price.

So Sixers fans, are you willing to pay the price for greatness?

Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire