Everything you need to know about the 2021 Copa America Part 2

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Yesterday, Zach LoBoso, took you through half of the 2021 Copa America field. Today, we look at the other half. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2021 Copa America part 2!

Copa America Part 1
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2021 Copa America Part 2: Zona Norte

We have already looked at, and previewed Zona Sur. If you missed that, head on over and check it out:

Now it’s time to look at the five teams in Zona Norte. This group has Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru. Of these five teams, two made the 2019 final, two made the 2019 quarterfinals, and one failed to get out of their group. Let’s take a look at each team, how they can make it to the knockout rounds, and the possibility of them making a run in the 2021 Copa America. Let’s take a look at the five teams in our preview of the 2021 Copa America Part 2.


Brazil is the cream of the crop in CONMEBOL. They haven’t lost a match in this most recent round of World Cup qualifiers. Now, they get to host the tournament. That was a bit of a sore topic amongst their players.

After some talk about not playing in this Copa America by Brazilian players, they have decided to participate. The main fuss was due to major political issues in the country and the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that their squad is intact, and will take the field, they should be the top team in Zona Norte

How they can advance

Brazil can advance by just being on the field in their matches. They are better than all four of the other teams. As long as their focus is on every 90 minutes, then they will be able to win this group.


Colombia has not been the best team since returning to international play after the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. That being said, they are still a team with quality that is hoping to ride some good recent results to success.

Colombia has needed some good results in the recent World Cup Qualifying window. They got just that with a commanding win over Peru and a comeback draw against mighty Argentina. This team has heart and doesn’t quit. They will need to have that spirit in this tournament. They are the pride of their country who need their national team to have a good showing in this tournament.

How they can advance

Colombia can advance by beating the teams that they are better than. If they play their game, they should win three of their four matches by just playing their game. If not, then they could drop lower in the standings.


Venezuela is a team that should be good on paper, but that has not translated to on-field success. They have won just once and drawn once in the past year. The rest of their matches have been losses; what makes things worse is that this form has been occurring through their World Cup 2022 qualifying campaign.

This team is in a very rough spot. Venezuela has conceded nine goals and scored just four in their last six matches. For this team’s pride they need to show better in Copa America, but will they be able to do that against their competition?

How they can advance

Venezuela can advance if they can muddle games up for their opposition. Things have not been working for them in World Cup qualifying, so maybe they rotate their roster and starting lineups a bit to find players who are hungry to make a run in a historic tournament. If they don’t do this, they’ll likely finish last in the group.


Ecuador doesn’t jump off the page when you look at them. They have generally underperformed in the past, but this past year has looked very different. Ecuador has won four of their seven World Cup Qualifying matches. When they’re on they can score goals, when they’re off they cannot. It’s as simple as that.

This Ecuador team will go as far as their attack takes them. They have the quality to be in the top four of Group Norte. If they want this to be a true turning of the page of their less-than-stellar past, then they will need to make it out of the group stage in this Copa America.

How they can advance

They can advance by utilizing their skill to score goals. It might sound cliche, but this team will only get out of the group if they can score multiple goals in their matches. If they cannot they’ll leave the door open for their opposition and could slide down the table.


Peru went on a great run in the last Copa America. They made it all the way to the final only to lose to Brazil. This time around there probably won’t be that type of Cinderella run for them. Since returning to play after the height of the Pandemic, Peru has only one once.

That lone win came this past Tuesday in the last round of CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers vs Ecuador. The rest of their matches have been very one-sided against them. They have let in two or more goals in all of their matches except their most recent match. Their defending seems to be their downfall.

How they can advance

Peru can advance by getting more points than Venezuela. That fourth-place spot seems to be coming down to the Peru-Venezuela match, which will be the final match of their Copa America group stage. A win against Venezuela, and finding a way to get points against Ecuador should be enough to see them to the knockouts!

Who will advances to the Knockouts?

The only team I don’t see advancing to the quarterfinals is Venezuela. They have won only once in the past year, and don’t look to have enough to get past the other teams in Zona Norte.

Brazil is the side I see winning Zona Norte. They have won all of their World Cup Qualifying matches and have proven they are the best team in CONMEBOL. They should be on their way to making a run to the final.

Colombia takes second in the group. While their results as of late are not the best or put them where they would want to be, they do have recent wins over Peru and Venezuela, who they’ll play in Zona Norte.

Ecuador makes it to the quarters in third place. They have been decent in World Cup Qualifying this past year. Will they get enough points over the majority of these teams in the group to get anything other than third? Probably not. Could they make a surprise run after getting to the knockouts? maybe!

the fourth and final spot will go to Peru. They have not looked good recently, but neither have other teams in this group. If they can get a win over. Venezuela and some draws, that should be enough for fourth.

The Action begins this weekend!

There you have it, there’s our preview of the 2021 Copa America Part 2. The tournament begins on Sunday! Teams from Zona Norte kick things off; as Brazil plays Venezuela and Colombia goes up against Ecuador!

Don’t miss any of the action! These matches will be televised in the United States through Fox and Fox Sports. We at Philly Sports Network will have you covered along the way with articles recapping each matchday and previewing the matches still to come! Be on the lookout for those and more soccer content, and enjoy the tournament!

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