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Sixers Look To Bounce Back Against The Tanking Thunder

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The Sixers travel to Oklahoma City to take on the Thunder in search of a much-needed bounce-back game following their loss to the Pelicans.

After a gut-punch of a loss against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Sixers look to get right against the worst team the league’s seen since the 2015-16 Sixers. The team seemed utterly disinterested last night against NOLA; hopefully, they find motivation tonight.


Philadelphia 76ers

George Hill – Out (thumb)

George Hill is once again out, which at this point is surprising to no one. He will play one day, and it will be worth the wait, but until then, it’s certainly frustrating, especially considering the play of the bench.

Don’t expect Joel Embiid to play either unless he forces his way in, as they frankly shouldn’t need him, and he should be resting on a back-to-back.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Darius Bazely – Probable (shoulder)

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – Out (hip)

Lu Dort – Out (concussion)

Al Horford – Out (old)

Mike Muscala – Out (ankle [allegedly])

Isaiah Roby – Out (concussion)

Josh Hall – Out (concussion)

The Thunder have a few players injured and even more who are being held out so that the team doesn’t win. It’s astonishing, honestly, that the Commissioner hasn’t stepped in. Considering the Sixers were supposedly ruining the integrity of the game, one would think the Thunder would be thought about the same way, and yet…

Key To The Game

Own The Paint

Even considering the Sixers will likely be without Joel Embiid, the focus should be on the paint. For whatever reason, this team refuses to shoot, and when they do, it isn’t pretty. Keep it simple, do what you do well, and own the paint.


The Philadelphia 76ers and the Oklahoma City Thunder will tip-off tonight at 7:00 PM EST. You can watch the game on NBC Sports Philadelphia or listen live as always at 97.5 FM The Fanatic.

Philadelphia needs a win in a bad way. Hopefully, they can pick one up against a team that’s trying to lose.

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  • taylorrandy says:

    I am a Philadelphia Seventy Sixer and Eagle fan since 1968. Today I would like to talk about is my Sixer’s. Over the years, I have watched them go through unnecessary and self-inflicted hardships. The year they should have drafted Brad Dougherty or trading away Charles Barkley. How do you have ballplayers that can not shoot a jump shot? We have had a few of them, such as Eric Snow, Michael Carter Williams, and let us not forget our latest Ben Simmons. It is hard for guys like myself who grew up on the courts here in Philly to see this. But each generation, we go through guys that can not shot.

    Whatever happened to draft guys with well-rounded games. Basketball has become hard to watch. I can not believe guys come down six or more times and keep jacking up three-point shots. I would think maybe after four-time you might run a play to make sure you score. The NBA is on a path of self-destruction. You have guys in the league who should never have made it into the NBA; it is no longer the best. It is the water-down league. The rules have become a justification for not playing defense, boxing out for guys with no game to stay in the league.

    That brings me to the real problem of getting the guys into the league early. They rarely have the basics down, and it takes about five years before they become assets to make a difference. It is hard to justify this with a handful who defy the odds. Stop overpaying these guys and let them develop. Watching guys not play defense or do not know-how. They want to spread trash ball around the world. I remember looking at college ball know I can barely watch that. Thank God for the pandemic. It slowed down the trash ball.

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