Should the Sixers Reunite With Glenn Robinson III?

NBA: FEB 07 Kings at Clippers
LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 07: Sacramento Kings Forward Glenn Robinson III (30) looks to make a pass during a NBA game between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Clippers on February 7, 2021 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA. The game was played without fans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)

The Sixers could use an extra hand on their roster, and Glenn Robinson III is still available. Could a reunion with the swingman be in order?

It’s clear as day that the Sixers’ bench is devoid of three-point shooting. The team’s bench is shooting a disgusting 32.3% from three, which places them 25th in the entire league. Improving in this area is a must for the team as the league today is built around three-point shooting.

The Sixers will be much improved in this area when George Hill makes his much-anticipated debut, but if the team has the chance to add another shooter, is that an opportunity they can afford to turn down?

There are a couple of names that could shake loose over the next few days, like Mike Muscala or Wayne Ellington, who could be great additions, but that’s assuming they hit the open market. Glenn Robinson III is available right now, and if there’s one thing he can do, it’s shoot.

GR3’s Three-Point Shooting

Glenn Robinson III has a career 3P% of 37.3%, which is a great start, but the numbers get better from there. Over the past two seasons, GR3 has been an excellent three-point threat in a couple of areas where the Sixers would need him. Those two areas being, from the corner and off the catch-and-shoot.

Robinson finished the 2019-20 season shooting 41.9% on his corner-three attempts. He had been even better this season before parting ways with the Sacramento Kings, shooting 42.3% from the corner. If the Sixers were to sign GR3, Doc Rivers would likely use him in a hybrid offense role that would look like a combination of Danny Green and Furkan Korkmaz, which means plenty of corner-three attempts.

Another byproduct of that potential role is the ability for Robinson to show off his catch-and-shoot ability. The swingman finished last season shooting 39.9% and 38.5% this season in catch-and-shoot situations. There would not be any responsibility on Robinson’s part to create any offense; he would be able to purely take open jumpers and run with the team in transition, two things he’s incredibly well suited.

Should the Sixers Roll The Dice?

Fans won’t soon forget the rocky relationship Robinson had with the team last season, but it was a very disjointed year. While a player complaining to the public about their role should always be frowned upon, it’s pretty clear that the Sixers were extremely unorganized last year, and while he may not have been right to say it, that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t justified to feel it.

Under Doc Rivers, GR3 would likely have much more clarity to his role, and he is also likely to be humbled a bit after being discarded by the lowly Sacramento Kings.

The Sixers should undoubtedly wait until the 11th before making a decision, just in case Mike Muscala or Wayne Ellington become available. Still, if they don’t, They should jump at the opportunity to reunite with Glenn Robinson III.