Eagles WR DeSean Jackson posts goodbye message on Instagram hinting at his release

Just one day after Eagles fans bid farewell to Carson Wentz, it looks as though they’ll be doing the same to another fan-favorite. DeSean Jackson posted an Instagram story on Friday hinting at his release from the team.

The message read:

‘Looking forward to my next chapter. The best deep threat in the NFL coming to a City near you. Philadelphia is always love. Appreciate everything.’

The writing had been on the wall for quite some time. DeSean Jackson’s return to Philadelphia was filled with injury setbacks. As a result, he played in only 8 games over the past two seasons, recording 395 yards and 3 touchdowns, averaging 17.2 yards per reception.

It’s a real shame that D-Jax couldn’t keep the wheels moving with the Eagles. He signed a three-year contract worth $27.9M which ultimately stung them when he was sidelined. Depth behind Jackson was minimal and despite flashes of absolute brilliance like his return against Washington in the opening game of 2019, there just wasn’t enough to facilitate his return for a third year in a season where the Eagles need to prioritize a rebuild.

If this is made official, then Jalen Reagor should be in-line to take over the Z role after a quiet rookie season. He possesses many of the same traits DeSean Jackson does but was unable to show many during a slow season of his own.

The Eagles are unable to announce anything until the start of the league year, but there’s a chance that Jackson is trying to jump the gun and establish a market for himself.

This is the first of several big decisions the Eagles will have to make this offseason. Getting rid of DeSean Jackson’s contract will save them $4.8M in cap space, moving them to around $35M over the cap. There is still some work to be done until they break even, but the dominos are beginning to fall so expect some more players to be posting goodbyes soon ahead of the official start of free agency on March 17th of this year.

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2 thoughts on “Eagles WR DeSean Jackson posts goodbye message on Instagram hinting at his release

  1. It’s about time they dumped this guy. He had been useless since he got here. The fact they ever resigned this guy was a complete waste of time. Now they not only have more cap space, but a roster spot as well. As far as the rebuild, it won’t take 5 years. By getting rid of Went’z salary, and having a QB on a rookie deal for 4 years, that will allow the Eagles to keep accumulating draft picks and signing selective veterans who are young enough to hang around for 4-5 years, not guys who are coming off ACL tears and are over the age of 30. $30m can sign a lot of supplemental guys on either 1 yr. prove it deals, or minimal contracts. If they give Hurts some time to develop, and surround him with a good OL and keep working on building the D, in 3 years, we could be right back in it. Look how quickly things can fall apart 2017-2020…the same can happen in reverse. I think Hurts has the tools to be a good QB. There are surely things he has to work on, and so far it seems that he is a tireless worker. His skillset lends itself to an offense that can move the ball. If the receivers can take that step forward, and Sanders and Scott can be utilized correctly, with the selection of Pitts as both insurance and working in tandem with Goedert, I think it is entirely plausible next year to look at at least an 8-8 team.

  2. I hope people understand the eagles are in a rebuild, and that by the time they become a good team it will be another 3,4 or maybe five years down the road. That is why is made no sense to keep Carson Wentz, Desean Jackson and Alshon Jefferies. I am a hard core fan and it is time. I think the owner was tired of seeing the same old – same old. Good move I just hope that the rest of the fan base may not be as supportive of it.

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