BREAKING: Eagles trade Carson Wentz, Reunite Him With Frank Reich

As Adam Schefter first reported, the Eagles have traded Carson Wentz to the Colts.

After seemingly months of endless rumors about the compensation: will it be a first? Two firsts? A first and second? Two seconds? The Eagles seem to have settled on a worse offer than all of them.

The second-round pick in 2022 can become a first if Wentz plays 75%+ of snaps or 70%+ and playoffs, but it’s clear that Howie Roseman failed at getting adequate compensation for a potential franchise-altering quarterback.

In no way was this an “unloading Jared Goff” situation, and the Eagles have treated it like it was. They took minimal compensation to offload an unhappy quarterback.

Carson Wentz now reunites with the coach who helped produce Wentz’s MVP caliber year and another coach in Press Taylor who Wentz has preferred heavily over other coaches (DeFililppo). The Colts also boast one of the best offensive lines in football and will still have enough cap space to either resign T.Y. Hilton, add an Allen Robinson-type player, or both.

Up and Down Eagles’ Career

During his time with the Eagles, Wentz was a fan favorite most of his career. He played 68 games in an Eagles’ uniform. During these games, he posted a 38-35-1 record. In those games, he accumulated a 62.7% completion percentage. These led to 113 touchdown passes and 50 interceptions. In 2017, he was a frontrunner for NFL MVP. In 2020, it was the complete opposite. He started the first 12 games before being benched for the last four. He “led” the Eagles to an abysmal 3-8-1 record with 16 touchdown passes and an awful 15 interceptions.

If Wentz returns to form, this move propels the Colts to being the heavy favorites in the AFC South and can compete with Kansas City.

Now the Eagles roll forward with Jalen Hurts as the unquestioned QB1, that is until they draft a QB at 6.

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Eagles trade Carson Wentz, Reunite Him With Frank Reich

  1. Hey Chris….the Eagles would be insane to pick a QB at #6, especially Fields. Get Pitts to give Hurts someone to throw to along with Goedert, New WR coach helps Fulgham, Reagor and Watkins take that next step. Not sure yet about Hightower. If he can get JJAW to be even modestly successful, then he is the greatest coach in NFL history. Eagles can use that 3rd to grab another receiver or get some OL backup. Protect Hurts and give the guy a real chance to develop. Get rid of the dead wood and keep building the team. This will be 2-3 yr. timeframe

  2. It was like sharks at feeding time. In reality Eagles had to move Wentz before March 17th or pay $10MM roster bonus.
    Philly had no leverage, really. IMO the 2nd we get from Indy will be a 1st, so actually, it’s a 3rd and a 1st. Can’t fix a QB who said he doesn’t want to be here.

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