The 2021 Philadelphia Flyers but as songs by Blink-182


This break in Flyers hockey has tested us all. While we all sit impatiently, hoping that the players who are currently in protocol are able to fully recover and that the spread of COVID-19 is minimal, it’s easy for imaginations to run wild. With that in mind, I found a Blink-182 song that perfectly embodies every player on the roster. Why? I honestly don’t know.

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Carter Hart – After Midnight

Some regard ‘Neighborhoods’ as one of Blink’s weakest records, but it’s among my favorites and ‘After Midnight’ is a straight bop. A song about finding love during a chaotic point in your life, After Midnight perfectly reflects how the Flyers were able to find serenity at the crease after years of instability.

Brian Elliott – Wendy Clear

An absolute classic from Enema of the State, ‘Wendy Clear’ is a true pop-punk banger about accepting that you’re going to have to move on eventually. Brian Elliott has been the perfect complement to a surging Carter Hart and the thought that Moose is near the end of his career is actually a little sad when you think about the impact he’s had on Hart as a mentor and some of the emphatic performances he’s posted.


Justin Braun – I really wish I hated you

It was a real coin-flip as to whether or not Justin Braun would be back with the Flyers this year, but it’s hard not to be happy for his presence on the blue-line. The defense has struggled mightily this season, but Brauner tied second on the team in blocks last year and third in the playoffs. He also ranks second on the team in that metric this year and continues to shine in suffocating plays and instilling a sense of toughness in what’s been a wobbly unity. If you were in the camp who wanted the Flyers to move on from the 11-year vet, this is the perfect song for you.

Mark Friedman – Pin the grenade

At 25-years-old, the former third-round pick hasn’t really seen a lot of NHL action up to this point, but with defensive depth lacking, he’s been called up to action 3 times this season after a strong year with the Phantoms. He did more than simply hold his own and it’s clear he does have some upside. ‘Pin the grenade’ is a great bop symbolizing people denying Friedman’s talent.

Side note- absolute banger.

Shayne Gostisbehere – Ghost on the Dance Floor

Not only is the song title a clever pun, but it’s about seeing a ghost of an old flame while minding your own business. Rent Free. Gostisbehere exploded back onto the scene after a torrid 2020 campaign and slow offseason, showing us a glimpse into what once was.

Erik Gustafsson – Boxing Day

One of my favorite Blink songs of all time, Boxing Day is a great fit for a free agent who was brought in with plenty of promise but has struggled to really find a consistent groove. Watching Gustafsson clumsily lose the puck has left us all empty like the day after Christmas at times…

Robert Hagg – Anthem Pt. 2

Bobby Hagg’s breakout last year created a whole community of wholesome supporters. 2021 marks the second part of the Hagg Hive’s anthem.

Philippe Myers – Feeling this

This stems from the fact ‘I’m feeling this’ was probably how every Flyers fan reacted seeing Myers return from injury and start pumping out assists for fun.

Side note: Philing this

Ivan Provorov – Always

Provy has been one of the lone constants on the Flyers blue-line. How could we not simp just a little?

Travis Sanheim – Man Overboard

Not the great New Jersey pop-punk band who happen to be PSN fans, but the song. Travis Sanheim spent a week in COVID protocol and missed a game against Washington, leaving the Flyers to try and move on and find a replacement.

Flyers forwards

Jake Voracek – Family Reunion

Look, I’m not going to go into the lyrics here for obvious reasons…but if there was ever a song to represent Jake Voracek, that sassy press conference, and his iconic Twitter persona, this is the one.

James Van Riemsdyk – Blame it on my youth

An absolute thunder-bop throwing back to the glory days, is there a better song to partner with a player who has done nothing but leave fans in awe this season? The former Flyers first-round pick has proven we can never kill his heart and that the party is still very much going on.

Michael Raffl – Snake Charmer

‘An underrated banger that deserves more love’ could be used to describe this song and Michael Raffl, whose +4 rating against the Caps was a career-high. (The bridge in this song is one of the best I’ve ever heard. No cap.)

Nolan Patrick – I miss you

Flyers fans would be forgiven for having this song on repeat for the best part of two years while Patrick battled a horrible migraine condition in an attempt to get to a point where he can once again play Hockey full-time. While the song is emotional, it’s also one that everyone will scream at the top of their lungs after approximately 1 beer. He’s back now, it’s okay.

Oskar Lindblom – The Rock Show

A fan favorite for so many obvious reasons, we all fell in love with Oskar at the Rock Show.

Scott Laughton – Every time I look for you

Another underrated song that deserves more love, Scott Laughton has a tendency of showing up out of nowhere with a stunning performance, just like this song on shuffle.

Travis Konecny – Dammit

Is there a more chaotic song than Dammit? Absolutely one of Blink-182’s finest moments, it fits Konecny’s meme-ish personality perfectly while also acknowledging his excellence.

Kevin Hayes – Obvious

Because it’s obvious just how valuable Hayes is to this team. It’s also obvious how good Tom’s vocals on the untitled album really were.
Claude Giroux – All the small things

Giroux may be one of the most under-appreciated NHL players of all time and while he doesn’t blow up the stat sheet on a nightly basis, it’s ‘all the small things’ he does so well that propels the Flyers forward.

Morgan Frost – Dumpweed

One of the best riffs Blink has ever put into action, it’s fun, energetic, youthful, and attention-grabbing. This personifies Morgan Frost in every sense.

Joel Farabee – First Date

There are few feelings like getting ready for a first date. Butterflies fill your stomach and you giggle like a child after a bag of candy. Watching Joel Farabee gives fans that same feeling – one of knowing just how good he is currently and how much better has the potential to be. It’s the start of something special.

Sean Couturier – I’m lost without you

Self-explanatory. His injury this season showed just how much the Flyers miss the Selke winners’ 200-ft game.

Connor Bunnaman – Aliens exist

Full of energy but kind of ‘wait, is Tom about to write an album about Aliens?’ vibe. Bunnamn’s work ethic is clearly very high, but his path to a consistent role with the Flyers remains a murky one. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get abducted by another team!

Nicolas Aube-Kubel – Carousel

It starts nice and slow before descending into utter chaos and making you want to go and spin-kick someone in a pit. Ironically, this is what NAK finds himself doing most games, setting the tone for the Flyers.

Photo Credit: Alex Mcintyre