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Would trading Carson Wentz to the Bears even make sense?

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After a few days of non-stop rumors, it appears as though the Eagles are ‘close’ to a trade with the Bears that involves parting ways with QB Carson Wentz. The question now is a simple one – Does any of it really make sense?

On the surface, it would be the most ‘Bears’ thing possible. We all know Trubisky has been anything but impressive and a change is imminent. Moving on from Trubisky for a QB who was somehow worse, that takes some doing. Carson Wentz threw a league-high 15 picks in just 12 games and his 72.8 passer rating ranked at the bottom of the pile. We can dissect that season all we want, but the fact of the matter is that Wentz’s 2020 season was extremely poor.

Not only that, but the Bears are projected to be $10.7M over the cap next year, and inheriting another $25M hit doesn’t exactly sound appealing. There are also some interesting variables that could cause complications.

Carson Wentz and Mitch Trubisky share an agent. If Wentz is coming in, you can bet that Trubisky will be going out as having both players compete for a starting role is less than ideal.

Matt Nagy also has a strong relationship with former Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson. It’s safe to assume the two would have conversed and details about the ruptured relationship would have been spilled. If there is any weight to the endless spree of articles ripping into Carson Wentz, Nagy will have heard them.

Reports also suggest that Nick Foles is being included in potential trade talks. For a team so intent on getting younger, letting go of older players, and detaching emotionally from those kind of decisions, bringing back Nick Foles again is a confusing move. Jalen Hurts would need a veteran backup, sure. While the return of Foles would be easy to sell to fans, it could be problematic down the line and show a team clearly unable to fully move on from Foles, who would be joining the team for his third rodeo since being drafted.

The Bears should really be turning their attention to Houston and Deshaun Watson. It’s not like Ryan Pace has been a stellar decision-maker when it comes to QB’s so I’m not surprised. Wentz may have a higher upside than Trubisky, but if the Bears are willing to give up significant capital for a QB who regressed so much last year, what’s the harm in sending the farm for one who is arguably among the best in the league?

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  • Eddie Gaines says:

    This some of the craziest shit I heard thus far, the Bears Organization drops the ball on not one QB but two when they elected to draft Trubiski. Now that they have a chance to actually make things right they chose to yet stay the course of stupidity, we don’t need any more dead weight we need true QB talent that lead a real offense. Let’s stop insulting the team itself and mostly it’s fans we are dam tired of the mediocrity of this current organization Ryan Pace and all above his ass needs to be fired or sold period.

    I’m just freaking tired of this organization time to get another team here in Chicago!!!!!!!

    Gman the one that actually designed the Big C ON THE BEARS FIELD…..

  • Perry L says:

    Makes no sense what so ever. Again another half-ass decision

  • Earl says:

    Bears should not trade for any of the quarter backs out there. We can’t afford to give up any draft picks period!!!. Build the O line, d backs and line backers live with Mitch and fols oñe more year. I’m out.

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