A lesson every Playoff Team can give the Eagles for 2021: AFC Edition

The NFL Playoffs are upon us and for the first time in three years, the Eagles are not taking part. Each of the 14 playoff teams has something the Eagles don’t. So here’s a lesson each playoff team could give the Eagles if they want to get back to the postseason in 2021.

AFC Edition

Kansas City Chiefs
Lesson: The ability to adapt systems is important

Want the easiest lesson this team could learn?


When Andy Reid was fired in 2012, the biggest change he made was hiring college coaches in KC to update his passing schemes.

Reid is one of the most renowned coaches when it comes to giving up play-calling duties throughout a season. It’s something Doug Pederson has really not learned at this moment of his career.

If the Eagles want to get back to the playoffs, Pederson needs to take a page out of his mentor’s book.

Buffalo Bills

Lesson: Tailoring your offense to your QB’s strengths works!

Strange concept, I know!

It’s been well documented that for some reason, especially with Carson Wentz, the Eagles offense was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Forcing Wentz to stay in the pocket with a bad OL, not running the ball, screen passes to undrafted wideouts instead of a first-round pick….

Just look at what Josh Allen is doing in Buffalo!

It’s almost as if molding an offense to the skillset of your QB and not only predicating the offense based on matchups could actually work.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Lesson: Hire someone who can correctly scout WR’s

I mean for the love of god can SOMEONE correctly scout a WR on this team?

Jordan Matthews over Devante Adams.

JJ Arcega-Whiteside over DK Metcalf.

Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson.

It never seems to end with this team. With Pittsburgh, they are the leaders at drafting excellent wide receivers.

Someone get me a damn #1 Wide Receiver please!

Tennessee Titans

Lesson: Don’t give up on the run game!

When you have a really solid running back, it should be pretty clear.

Give. Him. The. Rock!

It’s not rocket science. The Titans based their offense on their star back in Derrick Henry, who just ran for 2,000 yards. They are now in the playoffs. The Eagles just….don’t want to give their star back the ball.

Miles Sanders can absolutely be a star in this league. When he gets going, this offense is much better to watch.

Give him the rock Doug!

Baltimore Ravens

Lessons: Run the ball/Change the offense to your QB’s strengths

Remember how bad the Ravens were with Joe Flacco a few years ago? Then he got benched and they changed the entire offense to fit Lamar Jackson’s skillset?

What ever happened to that guy Lamar Jackson again?

Oh yea!

What’s so infuriating about this is that you see how great these young QB’s like Allen and Jackson look with offenses based on their skillset.

But it seems Doug would rather keep Wentz inside the pocket to be sacked for the 6th time in a game.

Cleveland Browns

Lesson: Hitting on draft picks actually benefits your team

The Browns have been bad for a very long time. I get it. But they hit on some major draft picks that have them in the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

Myles Garrett, Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Denzel Ward etc.

Multiple Pro-Bowl players have been drafted over the last three years.

That’s excellent scouting and development from Cleveland, and it’s THE reason the Browns are in uncharted territory.

The Eagles meanwhile haven’t drafted a Pro-Bowler since Carson Wentz.

That was four years ago.

Indianapolis Colts

Lesson: Building a team through the draft is healthier than giving out massive contracts

I honestly could’ve gone two ways here. One being that building a team through the draft is healthier than overpaying for old veterans. The other, of course, is: HIRING A DAMN OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR WORKS.

But we’ll stick with the drafting thing.

And boy have the Colts been good at it. Their development of young stars all over the field is something to really tip your cap to. Chris Ballard has done an excellent job for Indy.

He’s got a ton of cap space, a ton of talent, and a very bright future for the Colts. The Eagles apparently would rather give out long term deals to guys that can’t stay healthy. It’s a lesson this team needs to learn if they ever want to get back to being a playoff contender.

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One thought on “A lesson every Playoff Team can give the Eagles for 2021: AFC Edition

  1. The one thing that frustrates me the most about the Eagles is they seem to have the “well, we’ve always done it this way” when it comes to the idea of trying something new.

    Whether is Wentz or Hurts, you have to do what your QB does best. At the beginning of this past season, Dough was asked about getting Wentz out of the pocket more. He agreed and said they had discussed that as one of his strengths. What happened to that plan?

    As far as WR’s there has to be someone brought in to evaluate talent. Otherwise, Laurie is saying to the fans, we’re going to play with whoever Howie drafts and if we win a SB, great, if not, oh well, the fans will keep showing up and paying for merchandise no matter what.

    You have Miles Sanders who averages 5.0 yds. per carry. You have Boston Scott who is avg. 4.7 yards per carry. Both are excellent pass catchers. Yet the Eagles throw the ball nearly 70% of the time. Go figure. That’s on Doug

    Last year, the Eagles seem to have started building through the draft, but they must keep doing it for several more seasons. If Kelce retires, and Brooks is not at full strength and Johnson’s second surgery to fix his ankle is not successful, then we’re right back where we are now. We have a lot of older players, and we must keep drafting replacements every year, no matter what

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