Is Eagles GM Howie Roseman running out of lifelines?

The 2020 season has been a disaster for the Philadelphia Eagles. An insurmountable amount of injuries, poor coaching, bad contracts, and ridiculously bad play has ultimately led to an abysmal 4-11-1 record. Now comes the part where we work out who is to blame for this disaster. Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman are reportedly both returning for 2021 even though both have played a huge role in the demise of the team.

Howie Roseman plays the game

For the second time in a month, reports of Carson Wentz wanting out of Philadelphia have surfaced.

The sharks have already begun to swarm.

I just want to start off by saying these reports are not the law of the land. Schefter’s report was already debunked by Wentz’s camp once before:

It didn’t matter. Wentz was called selfish, a bad teammate, a crybaby etc in the past. The narrative has been created. There’s only man who really, at the core of this, can actually be happy about what’s going on. It’s the one man at the core of every major Eagles problem.

Howie. Roseman.

Howie Roseman – The Mastermind

I don’t particularly like to be a conspiracy theorist, but why is the one man in charge of drafting, contract extensions, and the overall franchise decisions not being held accountable?

Why is the man who makes all the decisions always so quiet when it comes to criticism and how do “league” reports come out without confirmation from the Wentz camp?

Because there is a narrative that needs to be filled to protect the prized GM.

Howie Roseman spoke to the media yesterday and painted the picture that the team really wants Carson as its QB.

His actions or inactions have shown otherwise.

Howie could well want to save face within the organization and around the league that he is a well-liked guy. A caring GM who looks out for the better of each player.

The narrative is now that Carson Wentz is the diva, and a bad teammate. Not because of anything he’s shown or said….but because that’s what has been pushed out through cracks in the walls.

The New Narrative

A prime example is earlier today. Wentz declined to speak to a media that has called for him to be benched, traded, and run out of town.

That same media then cried fowl because Wentz wouldn’t buy in to the toxicity.

Now the narrative has shifted to this being all Carson Wentz’s fault.

A team does not go 4-11-1 just because of the QB. The team reeks of the putrid stench of arrogance.

The Conclusion

Roseman spoke for just about 30 minutes to the media today. In that time he spoke about some of the issues the team has had.

After, the only thing people can talk about is the fact that Carson Wentz wouldn’t speak to the media that has been in Howie Roseman’s pocket all year.

People can blame Wentz, injuries, some coaches, and poor execution. But in the end this comes down to Howie Roseman as the architect of destruction for a once talented roster.

What happens when Wentz is benched, Hurts starts, and the offense is still terrible? What happens when an ‘offensive coordinator by committee’ doesn’t work? What happens if the team eventually move on from Pederson, only for him to shine elsewhere? How long is it really going to take for someone to point at the top of the pecking order and try to cut off the head of the snake? The Eagles may not know true success again until they do.

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4 thoughts on “Is Eagles GM Howie Roseman running out of lifelines?

  1. Great article and while all of this is absolutely true the man who makes all the final decisions is Jeffrey Lurie. Until he gets rid of Roseman the Eagles will always have drama. I also think Pederson is completely full of himself and in need of some humility (like when he got here) if he wants to be successful again.

  2. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about and may never know about. The Eagles are a very tight lipped organization. I think Wentz needed to be benched. As bad as any team is, really good players shine. Wentz played poorly for 12 games. He missed throws, held the ball too long and racked up over 50 sacks. Last year, Wentz excelled down the stretch with the same sad sack team. Yes, there were drops, there were OL miscues and lack of protection, but there were also open players who never saw the ball, there were many plays where there was open field in front of Wentz and he never took advantage to run for even 5 yds. Do that 2X and it’s a first down. Whether he is afraid, or has been told not to run, or whatever, he didn’t. Hurts came in with the same lousy team that Wentz had and he played pretty well. Yes, he has much to learn, but you can see the dual threat possibility. If you are running an RPO offense, the first part of that is R. You have to make the D think you might run. Hurts did, Wentz didn’t. The Eagles need to decide what kind of team they want to really be, and which QB gives them the best chance in that kind of offense. It’s as simple as that. Once they decide that, they need an OL capable of playing in that kind of offense. They then need to bring in a DC and not Matt Burke. We don’t need another Jim Schwartz clone. We need a guy who will make in game adjustments and not rely on the same 4 guys getting to the QB.

    As far as Wentz, the fact that he did not talk to the media and at least give the usual tired line that he still wants to be here, even if his agent is working on a trade behind the scenes, speaks volumes to the fans. The more time has gone on, the more I see Wentz as an entitled guy, who doesn’t seem to think he needs to fight for anything anymore.

    As far as Howie, he has one Pro Bowl pick in his last 50 and that is Wentz. He seems to pick “swell guys” instead of guys who can play. Metcalf and Jefferson are just two of the worst and most recent examples. He seems to be entrenched as the GM. He said picking players is his favorite part of his job. That does not bode well for the Eagles going forward

  3. Doug Peterson lost me when he benched Hurts. Howie lost me with his lousy draft picks & free agent signings. He is the only person in pro football who could screw up the 6th overall draft pick.

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