The Eagles offense may have found a spark, but at what cost?

GREEN BAY, WI – DECEMBER 06: Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson looks for an explanation during a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles at Lambeau Field on December 6, 2020 in Green Bay WI.(Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire)

I’ve gone on record saying that the Eagles should absolutely keep Doug Pederson around for the 2021 season. I felt that the absolute absurdity of injuries that have plagued the team, and the way the team was built, were the main culprits in this disaster of a season.

A part of me still feels this way. Doug should be given the benefit of the doubt to a certain point.

And then Sunday happened.

And then I came to realize one thing. Doug isn’t the MAIN problem in Philadelphia…but he has become part of a political game just as disgusting as what we’ve seen in the Eagles front office.

Eagles show the definition of Insanity

For 12 weeks, Doug Pederson watched a decimated offense try to score. For 12 weeks Doug Pederson watched as his QB get sacked 56 times.

Pressure began to grew around the organization, as Pederson and his staff went on the hot seat.

The fanbase begged for Doug to roll Wentz out, to protect their franchise QB and their battered OL. After all, it was less than a year ago when Wentz was the highest-rated passer outside the pocket.

Yet for some reason…Doug Pederson just….didn’t get Wentz outside the pocket for 12 weeks.

And then Wentz was benched for Rookie QB, Jalen Hurts. The team at 3-8-1 decided a change was needed at QB.

And then suddenly, Doug decided to change up the offense and personnel. FINALLY.

The Eagles were still decimated along the OL. But decided THEN was the right time to call rollouts, run plays and be more creative from a playcalling standpoint.

Eagles start to implement rollouts

On the first drive alone, Doug called four rollouts for Hurts. Almost immediately people saw something strange happening.

The hypocrisy had been shown.

The fix was in.

The benching of Carson Wentz was not to “get a spark for the offense”. It was a method to make a struggling QB the #1 scapegoat of a lost season.

Doug Pederson may well have played politics within the team in order to save his job. Because of this, Doug is just as much part of the problem as Howie Roseman.

I’m not the only one annoyed about this either. PSN Founder, Liam Jenkins shared my views pretty easily too.

How to use Reagor

Suddenly the play-calls saw end-arounds to Jalen Reagor. QB designed runs. A commitment to the run game. And an aggressive approach to get anything going offensively. Quick screens to Jalen Reagor.

Doug CHOSE to change the offense for Hurts. He waited 12 weeks to actually call an offense that maximizes the skillset of the players on the roster. He knows that Jalen playing well saves his job. To do so, he needs to make Wentz the scapegoat.

It’s hypocritical. It’s pathetic. And it makes me sick to my stomach.

The system

The system itself has shown it’s age. From 2016 to now, Doug’s offense is built on matchups. The works ONLY when you have the talent to exploit the opportunities.

When everyone is hurt. When the talent is gone, you MUST move away from a “matchup-based” scheme. Doug didn’t. He knows he didn’t.

And now he needs someone to blame for it.

The arrogance of the Philadelphia Eagles starts with Howie Roseman. That’s obvious. Doug Pederson, with his antics on Sunday, showed that he is no better than the actual mess at the top.

Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire