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Jim Schwartz trash-talked DK Metcalf before watching him torch Darius Slay

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There’s a lot of trash-talking in the NFL. The best players in the world are facing off each and every week in a battle of physicality, athleticism, and mental wit. Competition is fierce and mind games act as that hidden element to help tilt a game in your favor. Unless your name is Jim Schwartz and the opponent is DK Metcalf.

Coming into tonight’s game, Seahawks wideout DK Metcalf was having a strong year. He ranked 6th in receiving yards (86.2 per game), had 9 touchdown receptions, and led the league in yards per reception. At 6’4 and just 22-years-old, the second-year player is easily one of the most dangerous wideouts in the league.

It’s probably not the best idea to wind him up.

Apparently, Jim Schwartz had other ideas. The Eagles defensive coordinator reportedly approached Metcalf prior to kickoff and said the following:

After tapping Metcalf on the shoulder condescendingly and walking away, one might have thought Schwartz had one the battle. He had Darius Slay, a top-tier cornerback on his side, and Russell Wilson had suffered a bit of a regression in recent weeks. Was this the fuel needed to get the Eagles over the line?

10 catches for 177 yards later and the answer was a resounding no.

Metcalf bullied Darius Slay all night long and frankly almost Mossed him at one point for a touchdown catch but the ball slipped through his fingers. That was about the only relief Slay had all night, who gave up catch, after catch, after catch.

Lesson learned: Do not annoy DK Metcalf.

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