Ten players the Eagles could target at the trade deadline

NFL: SEP 13 Cardinals at 49ers
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – SEPTEMBER 13: Arizona Cardinals outside linebacker Haason Reddick (43) looks on during the NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals on September 13, 2020, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by MSA/Icon Sportswire)

The Eagles are only a half-game out of first place after the Cardinals dismantled the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night.

CBS’ Jason La Canfora reported early Sunday that Howie Roseman will be aggressive at the deadline in an attempt to win a very bad division:

“Howie is on the prowl already,” one rival general manager said. “He’s looking for action. If there is a trade to be made he’ll do it. Bringing in a free agent from the outside is tougher now and more risky with COVID, and he loves to make trades anyway. I’ll bet you anything he gets something done before the deadline.”

Does this Dallas loss push Howie to get more talent for a playoff push? Of course, we all know Howie is “aggressive” at the trade deadline. Just look at the last two trade deadlines that netted the Eagles Golden Tate and Genard Avery. Oh, not good examples? Sorry.

The report states that linebacker will be an area of focus. The Eagles are currently last in total money tied to linebackers at $3.8 million. Howie traded for Genard Avery last year and he was converted to edge rusher. Is this the year the Eagles finally go out and grab a legitimate MIKE? Maybe someone who has awareness? Someone who can tackle? Time will tell, but let’s take a look at some options, plus other positions of need:


Haason Reddick

Yes, I’m writing about him again.

Reddick was an absolute beast at Temple. 149 tackles, 17.5 sacks, and one INT in his four years.

However, he’s been through three different head coaches and defensive coordinators in his four years in the league. He’s only played on 51% of the defensive snaps so far through five games and has ten tackles.

Free him.

Zach Cunningham

He’s very good. He’s second in the league with 61 tackles. So yeah, won’t happen.

But it’s worth an attempt.

If Howie is suddenly going to change his ways and value a legitimate linebacker, then he needs to call Houston.

He did sign a $58 million extension in August and carries a cap hit of $11 million and up starting next year through 2024. But if the Eagles find a way to jettison their higher contracts given to the older/non-productive players, then they’ll be able to fit the contract.

The Texans do not have a first or a second-round pick in 2021. A new regime will want to build their team the way they want, no early-round picks hinder that. Send Houston a second.

(Note: I was informed that he has a worse coverage grade than #47. Uh. Well.. still worth a try?)

Deion Jones

Another player on a long extension (signed 4-year extension in 2019), Deion Jones is someone who could thrive in Philadelphia.

After an injury-plagued 2018, he returned last year to post 110 tackles in all 16 games. His 2017 Pro Bowl year came with Marquand Manuel as his defensive coordinator. Who is in Philadelphia? Marquand Manuel.

He’s played in all six games this season and has 40 tackles and one interception. He’s not great in coverage, but he’s better than #47. Ok, that’s not saying much.

The Falcons are an absolute dumpster fire. They need to rebuild that defense, so Jones may not be available. But it’s definitely worth exploring to reunite an impact defender with the coach who helped him get his only Pro Bowl.

*Last season, the guys at The Draft Network built their “perfect linebacker” and our friend Benjamin Solak’ picked Jones’ range for that blueprint:

Myles Jack

This is my dream, well other than Reddick.

Fresh off a new extension in 2019, Jack’s contract is probably too rich for the Eagles, but man would he be great for the defense.

He is the lone (I think) member of the defense that took the Jaguars to the AFC Championsip game a few years ago. He recovered a fumble that was incorrectly called back, which would’ve sent the Jaguars to the Super Bowl to face the Eagles.

He’s had some health issues the last couple of years, so he’ll fit right in.

But if Howie is intent on bringing a young, dominant linebacker to the Eagles, Myles Jack is the guy.

Note: Also Avery Williamson on the Jets. But this article is long enough already.

Let’s “tackle” (hehe) other positions on the next page.

Photo by MSA/Icon Sportswire