LISTEN: Matt Klentak is gone emergency Phillies podcast

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Bullpen Blues

Matt Klentak is no longer the Phillies GM!

It finally happened. The Philadelphia Phillies have officially moved on from Klentak as their team’s general manager. While it came via the form of a resignation as opposed to an outright firing, the result is the same.

Klentak is no longer the GM, and his inability to build a baseball team should in theory no longer plague the Phillies organization. The Philadelphia Phillies failed to the make the postseason yet again this year, despite boasting one of the largest payrolls in all of baseball. The Marlins sweeping the Cubs in the first round likely only compounded on the frustration that Phillies ownership has been feeling as of late.

David Esser and Kevin Dickson of the Bullpen Blues podcast reacted to the news just a few moments after it was announced. Check it out below!




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