Five bold Eagles predictions ahead of SNF showdown with 49ers

We’re waiting (anxiously) all day for Sunday Night! The Eagles are under 24-hours away from a clash with the San Francisco 49ers and it’s one that is filled with reasons to be concerned. However, there are a few beacons of hope. Here are five bold predictions for tonight’s game.

All along the Eagles Hightowers

2 receptions for 19 yards might not sound like a big day out, but rookie receiver John Hightower looked really good against the Bengals. His inside release was lethal, generating a lot of separation throughout the game. The issue was that he was rarely targeted. This time around, Wentz may have no other choice but to go to what could well be his primary outside target.

The Niners defense, even when banged up, isn’t exactly known for giving up huge passing plays, but that only lends itself to the Boise State product’s skillset- making his paydirt underneath in open space.

My first bold prediction is for my Draft crush to receive for 50 yards and his first NFL touchdown.

Gerryana Grande

Nate Gerry’s new nickname has been formed because he’s constantly rocking side to side. With Deebo Samuel likely in the mix as well as George Kittle, it’s going to be an infuriating day for anyone who can’t help themselves but watch #47 aimlessly run around the field. But is that not the kind of game he’d just ironically pull off something incredible?

In true Eagles fashion, my crystal ball predicts that Nate Gerry of all people will record the team’s first interception of the year…probably by doing a backflip or accidentally running into it, but an interception nonetheless.

Every dog has its Slay

Talking of interceptions, Darius Slay has been excellent since first donning an Eagles jersey, but that elusive first pick is evading him. With Nick Mullens throwing the ball, you’d think this would improve the likelihood of that changing. Unfortunately, the 25-year-old has a lot of Nick Foles in him and is the ultimate game-manager. With a passer rating of 95.5, Mullens has completed at least 69% of his passes in both games. Yes, they were dire New York teams, it’s not the point.

If there is ever a game the Eagles need Slay to be a difference-maker, this is it. Slay may well be matched up over Deebo Samuel if it means getting Nickell Robey-Coleman an easier matchup. If not, say hello to Jason Kendrick Bourne. He’s yet to catch a touchdown this season and if Slay is standing between him and the endzone, I’m predicting that stat to remain as well as the Eagles’ #1 corner to snag his first interception of the season.

Stopping an old Eagles friend

Jet McKinnon might not present the same threat as Raheem Mostert, but he’s nicknamed ‘Jet’ for a reason…as the New York ‘Jets’ found out recently. The Giants did a much better job of thwarting the zippy running back who is back from a two-year absence, but he’s still a threat in the passing game. The Eagles aren’t just trying to stop McKinnon, they’re trying to stop history.

McKinnon would become the first 49ers since Jerry Rice in 1991 to score a touchdown each of the first four regular-season games .

My penultimate bold prediction is for that not to happen and Jet to run into a brick wall against a tenacious d-line, amassing under 70 total scrimmage yards and being held out of the endzone.

‘Just win’

This one’s simple. Not many people have hope for this Eagles team. It’s 0-2-1 and has more holes than a Sponge. But every year, there seems to be an un-winnable fixture that the Eagles somehow pull off. Green Bay in 2019 springs to mind as a result that very few people chalked as a Birds win and that trend can be traced all the way back to Sam Bradford’s dismantling of the Patriots in 2015.

The Eagles have no business winning this matchup, but something tells me that the level of desperation is too much. Philly finds a way in Titanic level fashion and pulls off a shocking win against San Francisco.

Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

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