Eagles report card: Grading the week 3 tie against Cincinnati

The Eagles were absolutely terrible on Sunday, but were there any redeeming factors in the tie with Cincinnati? It’s time to get your markers and whiteboards out once again!


Carson Wentz was just as sporadic as he was in the opening two games of the season. His accuracy was non-existent, his placement inconsistent, and his decision-making questionable. What did change however was his mentality. Wentz was notably more aggressive and showed flashes of wanting to put the offense on his back and do it all himself – something that was echoed by his 65 rushing yards and a daredevil touchdown to send the game to overtime.

It wasn’t his best performance by any means and was still shocking on many levels, but he does deserve some credit for trying to make the right adjustments and step up when the team really needed him to.

Grade: D

Running back

Miles Sanders notched another 95 yards in yesterday’s tie and it’s not really his fault that he wasn’t utilized more against a truly woeful run defense. When given the rock, Sanders was as explosive as one could ask for, averaging over 5 yards per attempt. The problem was that his carries were almost too few and far between considering Wentz threw 47 times against a run defense that has now given up 465 rushing yards through 3 weeks.

Grade: C

Offensive line

Penalties. Matt Pryor’s late-error was the straw that broke the Camel’s back, forcing the Eagles (in Doug’s mind) out of field goal range and leading to the tie. Lane Johnson was called for holding in OT and Nate Herbig was called for the same thing just two plays later, killing the drive.

Jason Peters was dreadful before exiting the game early (shock). He surrendered two sacks and was beaten early and often, which is exactly what you want from someone who demanded more money to play the spot to begin with.

Had it not been for Carson Wentz and his Houdini ways, this would’ve been somehow even uglier.

Grade: F

Tight End

Before Dallas Goedert exited the game early due to injury, he looked like he could’ve been primed for a fairly big outing. Instead, it was Zach Ertz making his bid for a new contract with a 70-yard game, followed by a wild Richard Rodgers sighting.

Nothing overly exciting to report here, just a good day for a strong position.

Grade: B-

Wide Receiver

DeSean Jackson was pulled from the game early with an injury. He’s getting multiple rest days each week in order to remain in peak physical condition. That’s going well.

Deontay Burnett was a pleasant surprise after being called up from the practice squad this week, but it was once again Greg Ward Jr. who proved to be the team’s most dangerous wideout, recording 72 total yards and a touchdown on the day.

J.J Arcega-Whiteside’s bizarre NFL career continues to confuse every single one of us and in a game that should’ve been the prime opportunity for him to prove people wrong, he wasn’t even targeted.

Grade: F

Defensive Line

18 QB hits. 8 sacks. 10 TFL.

This game is not on the Eagles defensive line, who were absolutely tenacious. The front four have been unbelievable this season and among the biggest contributors has been Malik Jackson, someone who had his first season in Philadelphia ripped away due to injury.

Brandon Graham took over the fourth quarter in what may have been one of his strongest individual performances.

Nothing but huge compliments for this unit.

Grade: A++++


I really don’t want to write about Nate Gerry running around like a headless chicken, but Nate Gerry was running around like a headless chicken.

How he continues to see such a high percentage of snaps is beyond me at this point and he’s allowed more touchdowns in 3 weeks than I’ve had successful relationships.

Davion Taylor, Alex Singleton, and Shaun Bradley are players who should all be seeing an uptick in defensive action but are not getting that opportunity because Gerry continues to run himself out of position.

Grade: F


I want to exclude Darius Slay from this grading, who kept AJ Green in his back pocket all game. Also exempt is Trevor Williams, who played fairly well considering he was called up off the practice squad and tossed into the deep end.

As for Nickell Robey-Coleman, he’s been about as disappointing as ordering a 20 Chicken Nugget sharebox and only counting 17. Tyler Boyd ate him alive on Sunday. going off for 125 yards.

Avonte Maddox wasn’t much better before his injury, and the Safeties were forced to try and clean up whatever mess was in front of them, although a flurry of penalties didn’t help.

Grade: F

Special Teams

I would personally grade this unit a B+, but Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson clearly feels a different kind of way…

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One thought on “Eagles report card: Grading the week 3 tie against Cincinnati

  1. Where to begin. Liam…your grades are spot on. I’d just like to add: QB….we need to see more of Jalen Hurts. I say this for a variety of reasons. First, if Carson’s ego is hurt because the Eagles drafted his potential down the road replacement…no QB should be worried about that…he should have the attitude of “oh yeah….you’re not replacing me” and go off and right the ship. 2nd…Wentz is struggling mightily…the usual plays aren’t getting it done. It’s obvious they have worked on plays involving Hurts, so USE THEM AND HIM. This offense needs a spark to start playing well, and football is about emotion and belief…the Eagles have none of that right now. And lastly, you need to see what you have in what you drafted. For whatever reason, the Eagles took him in the 2nd round. Give the guy the ball a couple of times and see what he can do. Make it reasonably easy to start and build up from there. Wentz will either respond and up his game or he will recede into the background, and Hurts will be the guy

    RB: Doug does abandon the run too much…just like Andy did. If Doug keeps making this mistake and the bye week comes and we are 1-6-1, Doug needs to be fired and we need to make Deuce the head coach. Deuce should have been made the OC. He has put in his time and shown tremendous success and production out of his group. They also need to find a big bodied RB and it’s not Scott or Clement. Keep Scott and trade or release Clement. Bring Warren, Holyfield and/or Killins up from the practice squad and become a run first, screen pass, short throw type of offense.

    OL is a mess. Jamon brown needs to start, or at least get some more playing time. As for LT, Peters is done. He still thinks he can play, and it has been proven that he cannot. He is 38 yrs. old and a step slower than he was last year. He gave up 3 sacks on Sunday. They need a permanent solution. I don’t know what that solution is, but it needs to happen now. The fact they gave this guy more money to play this badly is a crime in itself. How about prove you still got it, and we’ll pay you accordingly. They signed him to play guard, not LT. Sure he volunteered to shift over, but you don’t immediately cough up more money until you’re sure.

    WR: Cut DJax immediately. He is a waste of time. You paid him and he’s just collecting money and pretends to have a hamstring problem. Release JJAW yesterday. This guy is less than useless. He is taking up a roster spot that should be going to a more deserving receiver. There are guys on other practice squads or on the street that would be more productive than this guy. I don’t care if he was your #1 draft pick. The guy can’t get open, he can’t catch, and I’m certain with 32 teams, there must be a guy who is hungry to be on an active NFL roster and get some playing time. Get the ball to guys in space (similar to KC) and go for YAC. That’s where Killins comes in

    DL: I think it’s all coming together

    LB is a mess. Nate Gerry looks completely lost. The guy is a former S,..you’d think he could cover somebody, but that appears to not be the case. I would much rather see our rookies play and make mistakes than to see our starter do it. Never mind LJ Forte and Grugier-Hill.

    The secondary has been a mess and an Achilles heel for years. Slay is the real deal, but the rest are pretenders. Please end the Jalen Mills experiment. He wasn’t that good of a CB and is not much better at S. Eric Reid needs a job. Pair him up with McCloud and it’s an immediate upgrade

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