Choosing the Right Bookie – A Betting Guide for Philly Fans

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Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

With sports betting becoming prevalent across the world, there are ample opportunities now for regular fans, let alone professional bettors, to make money from their favorite games. Philly fans have the added advantage of possessing several world-class teams, which means there is always someone to cheer for, no matter the time of the year.  

Until recently, when we spoke about sports betting, there were only a few sports that ruled the charts, soccer, tennis, and cricket being some of the main ones. Now though, with more states in the US legalizing sports betting, North American sports are going global with sports enthusiasts in the far corners of the planet taking an interest in basketball, football, baseball, and ice hockey. As a result, within the country and outside, several fans are willing to start betting on these games. However, before a fan places a wager, they need to understand the basics of sports betting, and one of the key elements is choosing the right bookmaker.    

Legal or Not?

No matter how lucrative an offer a sportsbook gives you, choose one that has all the legalities in place. With sports betting going online, there are a few bad apples in the bunch, and ignoring them guarantees a relaxed gambling experience for the fans. You can either read reviews of bookmakers or else go with one of the brands, especially if new to the whole sports betting scene. Moreover, legal bookies will have details of their licenses and permissions mentioned on their websites, so check that beforehand. 


Whether it is a leading bookmaker or a new one, bonuses in the world of sports betting are a given. There are several types of bonuses, from free play options to double your initial investment, and cashing in on them means you can significantly increase from profits from the very beginning. Do make it a point to read the small print that comes with the offers as, in some instances, you cannot withdraw what you win but only re-invest it in future bets.  


Most Philly fans don’t just follow one sport, choosing to back multiple teams, be it the Eagles, the 79ers, the Phillies, or the Flyers. To make the most of Philly’s dominant sports standing, it is equally essential that your sportsbook covers a variety of tournaments, be it all the games of the NBA, the Super Bowl, or the MLB World Series. Moreover, with Philly also having a strong sports culture at the college level, you’ll find that several bookies also release odds for top collegiate games. The availability of multiple options means that your bookie has a good network and that you can wager on sports throughout the year.   


Besides the bonuses that you pick when joining a bookie or by being a regular, there are other benefits that several top sportsbooks give out to their customers. The most common is live streaming of sporting events that let you watch games on mobile devices. Similarly, there is the possibility of live-betting, ideal for newbies who do not want to choose odds in advance. Lastly, several bookies now have online casino options on their websites, resulting in fans being able to play sports-themed slots or other money-making games during the off-season.