Flyers’ game 3 vs Islanders postponed in protest of Jacob Blake shooting

Flyers warmup at Wells Fargo Center

The NHL will not play any playoff games this evening, aligning with leagues such as the MLS, MLB, and the NBA in protesting the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

The Flyers and every other team playing last night were able to complete their games, with organizations unaware of the snowball effect transpiring outside of the bubble. Today, they’ve caught up and decided to pull the plug and send a message that ‘enough is enough’.

Blake was shot seven times by police in Wisconsin this past weekend. A Video of the shooting caught social media by storm, sparking outrage against yet even more racial injustice.

The NHL cancelled media availabilities today and when asked about a potential protest last night, Alain Vigneault again wasn’t aware of the movement.

“Listen, I’ve been totally in this afternoon’s game. I had no idea. That’s the first I’ve heard of this. I will leave my comments to once I find out exactly what the situation was.”

It’s unclear whether games will resume tomorrow, but as of right now, the NHL, and NHLPA remain on the right side of justice.

Photo Credit: Alex Mcintyre