UFC Vegas 6: Results and Analysis


Gavin Tucker (W) vs Justin Jaynes – Featherweight Bout 

We stick with the featherweight division as Gavin Tucker takes on Justin Jaynes.W hat a first round that was. Tucker was piecing Jaynes up for the first few minutes of the fight, landing every shot he threw cleanly with some really nice combos. All of a sudden Jaynes caught Tucker with an uppercut and sent him to the floor, Jaynes tried for a submission and Tucker fought out unbelievably and then turned the tables to lock in an arm triangle but somehow Jaynes stayed conscious and the fight goes to the second round. I have no idea how to score that. 

Round 2 was simply phenomenal for Gavin Tucker, from start to finish he was just hitting Jaynes with everything he had, never stepping off the gas, throwing all sorts of strikes like hooks, jabs, uppercuts overhead rights, kicks to the body and head. Tucker was constantly looking for the body with a great front kick, which was just destroying Jaynes’ gas tank and he looked completely done at the end of the round. Possibly 10-8 round for Tucker. 

Round 3 didn’t last the full five minutes with Tucker opening up some lovely combos and strikes to start off, completing it with a beautiful knee to the head that almost knocked Jaynes out cold, from there Tucker got the takedown, took his back and sunk in a rear-naked choke for the submission win. What a fight, easily fight of the night right there. 

Andrew Sanchez (W) vs Wellington Turman – Middleweight Bout 

We move up to the middleweight division for the first time tonight as Andrew Sanchez takes on Wellington Turman. This fight lasted one round and what a round it was, Turman started the round with a nice kick and turned it into a body lock which Sanchez countered. Both guys split apart and just started to throw down, Sanchez found some success early on, the Turman came back and then Sanchez came back again. From that point, Sanchez clipped Turman with a right-hand cross and then pieced together a great 1-2 that flatlined Turman and ended the fight via KO, what a knockout that is for Sanchez. 

Nasrat Haqparast (W) vs Alexander Munoz – Lightweight Bout 

We now move to the lightweight division for the next fight of the prelims as Nasrat Haqparast takes on Alexander Munoz. Munoz started the round with an instant takedown attempt, which he succeeds with, however, Nasrat managed to get to his feet pretty much instantly. Nasrat then started to come into the round more, after a brief stoppage for a low blow, catching Munoz with some nasty uppercuts and a couple of knees as Munoz shot in for more takedowns. Nasrat cracked Munoz with a nice overhead right and for me, Nasrat takes the round 10-9. 

Round 2 was a brawl as both guys were throwing down with each other, hitting some seriously powerful strikes. Nasrat definitely had the upper hand during the second hand and between most of the exchanges, reading Munoz’s natural reactions. Nasrat caught Munoz with a quality right hook and combined it with a left hook to really stun Munoz and send him to the floor. For me, it’s 20-18 Nasrat. 

Munoz started round 3 really well, enjoying some really good success with some nasty shots to the head of Nasrat that reminded him he hadn’t won the fight just yet. Munoz kept piling the pressure on during the first half of the final round and looked to really have a chance of getting something from the fight. However, Nasrat came back and enjoyed some really nice success in the last half of the final round, hitting Munoz hard to the body and the head. 30-27 Nasrat for me and all three judges agreed with me. 

Kevin Holland (W) vs Joaquin Buckley – Middleweight Bout 

We move back to the middleweight division for the penultimate fight in the prelims as promising prospect Kevin Holland takes on Joaquin Buckley. What a weird first round that was, it almost had a feeling of a dad fighting his son. Buckley was throwing bombs at some serious speed in a lot of combos but Holland just kept dodging them, keeping himself out of danger and then striking with a quality front kick to the body, or some nasty elbows to the head. The fight was stopped twice for low blows and Holland hit Buckley with a nasty right-hand cross that sent Buckley to the floor. Holland 10-9 for me. 

Round 2 was pretty much the same as round 1, Buckley was still throwing a high volume of powerful shots but Holland just kept out of danger with ease and then countered with his own shots. Buckley has constantly been walking into Holland’s front kick to the body all fight long and it’s really hurting Buckley’s stamina. 20-18 Holland. 

Round 3 started and pretty much ended straight away as Holland snapped a right-hand cross to the head of Buckley, knocking him out cold and sending his mouthpiece flying across the octagon. That was a seriously good performance by Holland who is getting closer and closer to a ranking number next to his name. 

Tim Means (W) vs Laureano Staropoli – Welterweight Bout 

We move down to the welterweight division for the featured prelim fight of the night as UFC veteran Tim Means takes on Laureano Staropoli. Round 1 was a complete war, with both guys landed a lot of shots. Means got a nice slam takedown early on in the round but Staropoli got back to his feet and both guys landed some really nice knees and kicks to the body. After a tonne of uppercuts, right and left hands and some spinning elbows were thrown the round came to an end. I’d have it 10-9 Means, maybe. 

Round 2 was just as much as a war as the first one, with Staropoli coming out and upping the pace at the start, stunning Means badly with a combo of shots. Means managed to recover and come back really well, getting a knockdown of his own after a leg kick found Staropoli’s jaw, after some ground and pound Staropoli managed to recover but Means was picking him apart and caught him once again with a nasty left elbow to the temple. 20-18 Means for me but who knows after that first. 

Round 3 started with Staropoli upping the pace again from the start, throwing some nice variety of kicks to the body and head. Means, however, came back into the round more, enjoying some nice boxing combos and beautiful knee to the head followed by an overhead left hand. For the last 2 minutes of the fight, Means controlled Staropoli in the clinch against the cage wall. For me, Means won that 30-27, and the judges sided the same way as Means wins via decision. 

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Mandatory Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via USA TODAY Sports