Phillies May Have Found Their New “Golden Goose”


The Phillies season is now underway and they have found an unlikely leader that has provided a spark for the team. Phil Gosselin has gone to the plate just 6 times so far this year, yet he has 2 home runs and 4 total hits.

Gosselin is local to the Philly area. He graduated from Malvern Prep and grew up in the West Chester area. Throughout his 8 year MLB career, he has played for 6 different teams and has had to fight for his place on the roster every year. Now with the Phillies, Gosselin has been a positive surprise for the team that first made him fall in love with baseball.

The Goose is loose

Gosselin was a long-shot to make the roster this year. A spirited Spring Training and Summer Camp pushed him to the edge of making the cut. In fact, Gosselin made the cut as the very last spot on the 30-man roster. He will likely be moved around as he has experience as a 2nd and 3rd baseman and will likely fill in to give a few different guys rest throughout the season. He stepped in as a pinch hitter in his first 2 games and stole the show by going 3 for 3 with a 2 HR performance in his first game.

The whole flock is behind Phil Gosselin

Joe Girardi joked about just how hot Goose has been at the plate saying it felt as if “he was 24 for his last 12 (at-bats)… he’s just swinging the bat great.” It is unlikely that Gosselin will be able to keep up the power numbers that he has shown early on, but it has been a statement from him nonetheless.

Prior to his debut this year, Phil hit just 7 home runs in 597 career at-bats. His glove will always be Gosselin’s calling card, but versatility is a nice ace to have up your sleeve. He will likely give rest days for Jean Segura, Scott Kingery, and even Harper or McCutchen as he can also play the corner outfield spots.

In addition to the fans, Phil Gosselin also seems to have the backing of other players on the team. JT Realmuto was asked about him and said: “That guy can hit. We were glad to see what he did. He’s a great guy, really easy to root for.”

Gosselin doesn’t have a regular role and will need to continue to produce in order to change that. Roster spots will shrink by 4 as the season progresses, which won’t help matters. Regardless, Gosselin has become a fan favorite already and has made it clear that it was the right decision to keep him on the roster so far.

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports