Talented 2021 forward Terrence Butler Jr talks commitment to Drexel


Terrence Butler Jr Is a talented wing who played for Bishop McNamara high school in Forestville, Maryland. Standing a solid 6-7, 210 lbs, he brings an all-round versatile game that will make players around him better. He works hard and plays with a great basketball IQ. He will team with players like last years’ talented freshman TJ Bickerstaff and Senior Coletrane Washington to make a serious run at the CAA conference title. I talked with him about his commitment to the dragons. 

LJ: How long was Drexel recruiting you? What coach was recruiting you? 

Terrence: Drexel has been recruiting me for over a year. The head coach Zach Spiker recruited me, but the entire staff had seen me play at their camp. 

LJ: Why did you choose the dragons? What makes them stand out? 

Terrence: I chose the Dragons because it’s close to home and they have a great engineering program. Also, I felt a connection with the entire coaching staff  

LJ: What were your averages last season? 

Terrence: 17.8 ppg and 7 reb. I was Team captain and awarded MVP  

LJ: What does Drexel like about you? 

Terrence: Drexel likes how versatile I am. I have length and am a skilled perimeter player. I’m able to make plays, guard multiple positions, and knock down the three. I can handle the ball in transition off the rebound and have enough size to play inside when needed.  

LJ: What players have you gotten acquainted with on this team? 

Terrence: I’ve been talking with transfer Sam Green who also went to Bishop McNamara. I’m eager to get to know the current players and how we interact together.  

LJ: What is the strength of your game on the court? How can you impact this program? 

Terrence: The strength of my game is getting to the rim and finishing. I think I can be a leader on and off the court.  I can expand the floor and I create mismatches because many players my size are either not quick enough to guard me on the wing or not strong enough to defend me in the paint.  

LJ: What other teams were recruiting you hard? 

Terrence: Mount St. Mary’s, Brown, Towson, JMU, and Columbia. others were actively calling like Temple, Maryland, George Mason, Princeton, Vermont and a few others 

LJ: What does Terrence Butler jr bring to Drexel? 

Terrence: A strong work ethic and a person that Coach Spiker can plug in anywhere on the floor in any situation.  

Mandatory Photo Credit: WILLIAM BRETZGER, The News Journal