Morgan Frost is making the most of a unique training camp opportunity

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When you talk about the Flyers’ young talent, it’s sometimes easy to go straight to Carter Hart’s breakout due to how incredible he’s been. But there’s another 21-year-old who could have a role to play this postseason – former first-round-pick, Morgan Frost.

In 20 games played in for the Flyers this season, Frost has been anything other than what his name would suggest. 2 goals, 5 assists and a -3 rating just don’t do his play justice. With the Phantoms, Frost had 20 points in 30 games before he was called back up for a second NHL stint.

Frost was also named to the Flyers’ playoff roster. While he may not be in-line for a guaranteed spot on the final roster that will head to Toronto (cut down to 31 skaters including goalies as opposed to 30 + an unlimited number of them), the Canadian is making the most of his opportunity.

“Kind of just the same for everyone, just come in here and work hard, especially for me obviously. I’m an extra right now so just work as hard as I can and stay ready for hopefully an opportunity.”

“I think just keep an open mind. It’s kind of weird coming back in the middle of the summer the first week here, but now that I’ve been here for a while, I’ve kind of settled in. I’m just trying to enjoy myself and work hard every day. Like I said if the opportunity comes, that would be great. If not, just try and stay positive. Be a good teammate. Be a good guy off the ice. That’s pretty much it.”

This experience, although a total wildcard, is likely to be invaluable to a young prospect like Frost, who can watch and learn from the veterans while of course competing with some top talent in the organization, with the obvious upside of being the immediate ‘next-man-up’ should an injury occur. When asked about what he’s learning from the team’s sped-up training camp, his response was one of real maturity.

“Just little things. You kind of see how well everyone manages the puck at this level. Even in scrimmages and drills, I think a few too many times I’m turning the puck over or get taken off of me. I recognize that. It’s the best league in the world. Just try to learn as much as I can and get better at those little things. Try to manage the puck better.”

“I think it’s good so far. Kind of just tough to come in and get the condition. The first couple days of camp were pretty tough, feeling a bit sore. Now that time’s gone a bit on, I am starting to feel better. Even conditioning-wise in the scrimmage today, I felt better. I think the coaches have done a good job of getting everyone ready.”

With this playoffs looking to be an unpredictable minefield, don’t be surprised if Frost sneaks onto the ice at some stage during the Flyers’ intended run at a cup. If that opportunity does present itself, the good news is that he appears to be more than ready.

Photo Credit: Alex Mcintyre

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