Op-Ed: Eagles would be right to suspend DeSean Jackson


This is an incredibly ugly situation. Over the weekend, Eagles deep threat, DeSean Jackson posted on his Instagram, a message full of anti-Semitic messaging. Below is what he posted. A warning to those that may feel threatened:


There is no place for this messaging in any part of civilization. Quoting one of the most Anti-Semitic people of all-time is not something to defend. To Jackson’s credit, he has apologized and the Eagles have responded publicly to that post:

The Eagles response to Jackson’s post

This apology is not enough. This was an extremely dangerous and hateful post. Any formal apology is not enough. It is of my opinion that DeSean Jackson should be suspended for one game and fined a certain amount of money for his comments. Jackson said he “didn’t mean it to the extent you took it” is not an apology. It’s an omission that other people were upset by the anti-Semitic messaging. Apologizing is not enough.

Many fans have compared Jackson’s comments to Riley Cooper’s comments back in 2013 when Cooper called African-Americans a racist slur and yet, after getting fined, was offered a contract extension a year later.

There is one major difference.

Cooper was given the extension under Chip Kelly. At the time, Owner, Jeffery Lurie used a more hands-off approach to the organization, and Howie Roseman was demoted and stripped of all power. Chip Kelly decided to extend Cooper. It was Kelly’s call to keep Cooper after his racist comments. Kelly also gave Cooper his extension in 2014 (once Kelly was given ultimate power over the roster). It’s worthy to note that once Roseman was brought back to GM, Cooper was gone. He should have been released after his comments but Chip Kelly was the one who kept him on.

This is not the same situation.

The Eagles should not be forced to only accept Jackson’s apology because of Chip Kelly keeping Riley Cooper. The franchise should independently DeSean Jackson should absolutely be suspended for a game and fined. This isn’t a case of defending him, which unfortunately some people are really trying to. He should not be defended because of his talent. It’s about sending a message that hateful comments against any race should not be tolerated in the National Football League and our society.

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