Eagles records that Jalen Reagor could break in his rookie year


There’s no questioning that the expectation is high for this year’s Eagles’ rookie class. More specifically, the world is itching to see what this year’s first-round selection can do. After watching Miles Sanders break some impressive rookie records one year ago, just how high can Reagor fly in his first year?

Most receptions

(Keith Jackson 81, Jordan Matthews 67, DeSean Jackson 62)

This is a little tricky because for the last few years, the target share has swung heavily in favor of star tight end Zach Ertz. However, Nelson Agholor and Alshon Jeffery both had over 90 targets (not receptions) in 2019 and over 69 one year later despite missing six games each. There’s a very good chance that if Jalen Reagor is active for all 16 games, that he sees enough targets to at least get close to the rookie record currently held by Keith Jackson. He doesn’t need to be the most targeted player on the team in order for this to happen, (Ertz had 135 last year) making it seem relatively attainable.

Most receiving yards:

(DeSean Jackson 912, Jordan Matthews 872, Keith Jackson 869)

This all comes down to a correlation with the first record. DeSean Jackson getting 912 yards on 62 receptions as a rookie was absolutely stunning (averaging 14 yards per catch) and Reagor will be thrust into a very similar role. A 900-yard season may be a little too much to expect, but if he can hit 800+ yards in an offense with this much firepower, then it will be a very good sign of things to come.

Most receiving touchdowns

(Calvin Williams 9, Jordan Matthews 8, Fred Barnett 8)

That 2014 season by Jordan Matthews is looking extra spicy right now. Catching 8+ touchdowns as a rookie is by no means an easy feat, but again, Reagor has the best chance of any Eagles rookie to do so.

Total offense scrimmage yards

(Miles Sanders 1,327, DeSean Jackson 1,008 LeSean McCoy 945)

I feel like there’s a real chance that Reagor gets close to this. He was used frequently by TCU on sweeps and pitches and we all know that the Eagles have tried and failed to make those regular facets of their offense. A couple hundred rushing yards may well propel him above DeSean Jackson, but I’m not quite sure anyone touches that incredible 2019 campaign from Miles Sanders for a while.

Most punt returns

(DeSean Jackson 50, Evan Cooper 40, Bibbles Bawel 34)

Reagor returned 23 punts during his time at TCU, with 15 coming in his final season. The Eagles no longer have Darren Sproles and Corey Clement proved to be unreliable at the position last season. This could well be a spot the Eagles seek stability at and there’s a strong chance Reagor ticks every box.

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports