Do Eagles have most athletic offensive line in NFL history?


PFF recently posted a video of Washington rookie DE Chase Young performing a box jump with the text:
“NFC East offensive linemen have officially been put on notice”

It didn’t take long for the Eagles to up the ante.

With NFC East offensive linemen being “put on notice”, let’s take a look at why Eagles OL might be the most athletic overall group in football:

Lane Johnson, LT

Right Tackle Lane Johnson saw this and responded with a pretty incredible 54″ box jump himself:

Starting with the man who sparked the conversation, Lane is absolutely an athletic freak of nature on the offensive line.

Coming into the league, Lane was measured at 6’6″, 303 lbs, which obviously is in the smaller end of an OT. Remember – Lane played QB in highschool, and transitioned to OT rather late:

At the NFL combine, he blew the tests off the charts:
– 4.72 sec 40-yard dash (99th percentile)
– 1.61 sec 10-yard split (98th percentile)
– 118″ broad jump (99th percentile)
– 34″ vertical leap (96th percentile)
– 7.31 sec 3-cone (95th percentile)
– 4.52 sec 20-yard shuttle (87th percentile)

Brandon Brooks, LG

Brooks has been posting workout videos all throughout the offseason. Most recently, actually right after Lane’s box jump video, Brooks posted a snippet of some Muay Thai training he’s recently been taking part in:

Brooks has been working on getting back from yet another massive injury. While he recovered from a torn Achilles in January 2019 in record-setting speed, he is currently recovering from a shoulder injury.

Back in 2012 when Brooks was drafted, he came in at 346 lbs at his pro day, good for 98th percentile. EVEN THEN he ran a 4.99 sec 40-yard dash, good for 94th percentile.

Watch him fly downfield on a screen play like this:

Jason Kelce, C

This is as easy as it gets. Jason Kelce is the best, and most athletic, C in football.

Going into his combine, he was incredibly undersized, coming in at 280 lbs (1st percentile). His testing matched that:
– 4.89 sec 40-yard dash (97th percentile)
– 7.22 sec 3-cone (97th percentile)
– 4.14 sec 20-yard shuttle (98th percentile)
– 110″ broad jump (92nd percentile)

We are mostly used to seeing Kelce at his best getting out in the open field, tracking LBs and secondary players, and taking them out, like the play below where he took Mason Foster to the bus.

Andre Dillard, LT

The heir to Peters’ throne has arrived and in athletic fashion. Dillard received the highest of praise when he was drafted for his quick footwork and explosiveness.

Coming in at 315 lbs (55th percentile), Dillard smothered the combine:
– 4.96 sec 40-yard dash (94th percentile)
– 118″ broad jump (99th percentile)
– 4.4 sec 20-yard shuttle (98th percentile)
– 7.44 sec 3-cone (89th percentile)

Dillard, like Jason Peters, utilizes his speed extremely well to get out of his stance. This was evident from early in the draft process:

Isaac Seumalo, LG

At first thought, Seumalo probably doesn’t strike you as the fastest OL you can find. His 5.19 sec 40-yard dash isn’t exactly stunning, and his 10 yard split of 1.81 won’t blow you away.

However, Seumalo does extremely well when it comes to changed direction in short area space:
– 7.4 sec 3-cone (93rd percentile)
– 4.52 sec 20-yard shuttle (89th percentile)

Seumalo has been in and out of the lineup since 2018, but solidified a job as the starting LG in 2019, starting every game of the season. Seumalo is twitchy enough to be accepted by Stoutland, but mostly it’s his strength that is impressive:

Fast paced depth

Taking a look at the backup positions, the speed and explosiveness shines at all levels.

Rookie OT/OG/C Jack Driscoll out of Auburn, like so many other Eagles OL, came in light at 306 lbs (30th percentile).

He showed out at the combine as well, although he, unfortunately, didn’t participate in the 3-cone drill:
– 5.02 sec 40-yard dash (91st percentile)
– 114″ broad jump (96th percentile)

“Fluid athlete with nimble feet and easy lateral mobility. Smooth feet enable him to frame pass rushers and mirror”

Joe Marino of TheDraftNetwork on Jack Driscoll

Fellow rookie and Auburn OT Prince Tega Wanogho did not participate in the combine, and the pro day was shut down due to Covid-19. Hence, all we have is fellow Eagles writer Benjamin Solak, who specifically praises Prince’s movement:

“Young man can scoot! Wonderfully explosive and fast offensive tackle who is at his best working into space and using his freakazoid combo of length and explosiveness to tag second-level defenders and widen gaps for explosive runs.”

Benjamin Solak of TheDraftNetwork

Iosua Opeta was a UDFA out of 2019 draft class and promoted to Eagles’ final roster late last season.

Once again, coming in at 301 lbs (15th percentile), Sua was a freak combine show:
– 5.02 sec 40-yard dash (91st percentile)
– 33″ vertical jump (93rd percentile)
– 112″ broad jump (92nd percentile)

Oh and Sua put up 39 bench press reps (98th percentile).

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports