Flyers to reopen Skate Zone & allow players to practice on Monday

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As plans for the NHL’s return continue to ramp up, the Philadelphia Flyers are wasting no time in attempting to get back to normal. The team announced on Friday evening that the Skate Zone will be reopening on Monday.

This is important news for the team, who are now preparing for their round-robin fixtures against the other three top teams in the East. Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher stated that six players will initially participate before more attend over the course of the next few weeks.

Obviously, social distancing measures and extra caution will be taken. Philadelphia has been given the ‘Yellow’ light today, at least loosening the restrictions we’ve all had to endure in light of the recent pandemic.

The workouts being voluntary is quite important. It means that any Flyer who isn’t comfortable in that environment doesn’t have to be there, but provides on-ice training which is something very, very few hockey players have access to during self-isolation. That part alone is beyond important as the Flyers look to prepare for the playoff run ahead.

It’s nice to enter the weekend with some positive news and hopefully this is a step toward regular practices (or at least as regular as can be) to ensure the wind isn’t knocked from the sails of the NHL’s hottest team.

The Eagles have also stated that some staff members will be able to return to the NovaCare Complex on Monday.