Will Wyatt Kalynuk Sign a Flyers ELC?

Looking back to March 22nd, 2020, I put out a piece highlighting five Philadelphia Flyers prospects that could receive an entry-level contract before the 2020-2021 season. As I toot my own horn on a couple of hits I had, I acknowledge a miss today. In that piece, I stated “contrary to popular opinion, I wouldn’t sign Wyatt Kalynuk first, but I would extend that offer to Adam Ginning.” While Ginning is a defenseman that I still like in the Flyers system, new developments predict that the contract will likely go to Kalynuk.

Head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers hockey team, Tony Granato, named Ty Emberson as team captain for next season. Wyatt Kalynuk will turn pro with a year of eligibility remaining. While Kalynuk hasn’t publicly announced his plans, all signs point to him planning to sign an NHL entry-level contract. Granato stated, “at this point, Wyatt thinks right now it’s better for him to turn pro.” Yesterday, Kalynuk declined to comment through a University of Wisconsin spokesperson.

Kalynuk’s Accolades

Considering what Tony Granato has said regarding Wyatt Kalynuk, it sounds like Kalynuk is more than comfortable with his current body of work at the University of Wisconsin.

  • 2017-2018 NCAA All-Rookie Team
  • 2018-2019 NCAA Second Team All-Star
  • 2019-2020 NCAA First Team All-Star
  • 2019-2020 NCAA Sportsmanship Award

In his three seasons at the University of Wisconsin, Wyatt Kalynuk totaled 78 points in 110 games. The one achievement he is missing at the NCAA level is postseason success. The only postseason win for the Badgers while Kalynuk was on the roster was during 2018-2019 against Penn State University. In that win, Kalynuk did have a powerplay assist. The powerplay is a strength in Kalynuk’s game.

We at Philly Sports Network will be standing by for when it is formally announced that Wyatt Kalynuk will be signing an entry-level contract in the NHL. If and when that happens, the Philadelphia Flyers are a great organization to groom Kalynuk around his strengths. The former seventh-round pick is still a project defenseman but has a high ceiling under Alain Vigneault.

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2 thoughts on “Will Wyatt Kalynuk Sign a Flyers ELC?

  1. So, what makes you think he will be signing with the Flyers? Now before you rush to answer that question, do a little research as so many others have about Kalynuk’s options in the near future. That might have been an intelligent thing for you to do prior to writing this “article”.

    1. Considering the title of the article and the verbiage used about Wyatt Kalynuk’s future, we’re waiting for the decision to be made about him signing an NHL ELC. The Flyers drafted Kalynuk in 2017, so currently, they do have his rights. It takes 30 days after the player announces they won’t be returning as a college player for the team that drafted to lose rights. Of all the NHL teams, the Flyers have the first opportunity. All of this research has been done before the writing of this article, which is why there are words and phrases like “when and if.” Also, the article openly acknowledges that Kalynuk hasn’t formally announced anything.

      Make like Matt and “Read” the article.

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