RUMOR: Sixers to finish NBA season in Disney World?


The basketball community has been in a bit of a frenzy recently after Michael Jordan’s documentary: “The Last Dance” aired on ESPN. With everyone craving some NBA-related news, some promising information broke early Wednesday afternoon regarding the league’s potential return.

Walt Disney World has been one of the most talked about locations in regards to hosting the remainder of the 2019-20 NBA season, along with spots like Atlantic City and Las Vegas. With league executives and team owners reportedly meeting on the daily, it appears the famed amusement park down in Orlando, Florida has emerged as the frontrunner.

Sources close to the situation had this to say about Disney’s ability to potentially house the NBA playoffs:

 “Finishing the season at Disney isn’t a done deal. But the fact that it is a private property and controlling access can be done far easier than other proposed sites is something we consider to be heavily in Disney’s favor. That’s very important” -via @KeithSmithNBA of Yahoo Sports.

Work has also reportedly already begun on altering some of Disney’s hotels to better suit professional basketball players. While it’s unclear how many teams will be invited to the venue (entire league or just playoff teams), adjustments will obviously have to be made to accommodate such a large number of personnel.

As for the Sixers, it’s good to hear there’s at least some talk of the NBA season commencing, as many fans felt the team was better suited for the playoffs as opposed to the regular season. Having no 76ers fans in attendance likely gives the team a slight disadvantage in a potential playoff series, but no fans is obviously better than no basketball.

Mandatory Credit – © Kim Klement-USA TODAY NETWORK