Game-by-game predictions for the Eagles 2020 regular season


The NFL released its regular season this week and on a Sunday without sport (sigh) I decided it was time to drop the ultimate game-by-game record prediction.

Week one: @ Washington Redskins

The Eagles start their season with a familiar foe in a familiar spot. One year ago, they went 17-0 down before some magic from Carson Wentz and DeSean Jackson. I can’t see Doug Pederson allowing another slow start, especially with so much speed on offense.

Also, Carson Wentz should toast Ronald Darby and I’m here for it.

Result: Win (1-0)

Week two: vs Los Angeles Rams

Did you know that the Rams haven’t beaten the Eagles since 2005? Sean McVay may be an excellent offensive mind, but with Darius Slay aiming to take away the threat of Robert Woods (Unless he trails Cooper Kupp in the slot?) and forcing Jared Goff to come off his primary read, this should be a field day for a potent pass-rush and suffocating run defense.

The Rams are yet to travel to Philadelphia under McVay and with this also being the home opener, I’m expecting a thumping.

Result: Win (2-0)

Week three: vs Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow (me) coming to town should be an exciting premise from a neutral perspective, but can we really expect Cincy to be anything other than a team finding its feet in the opening quarter of 2020?

Result: Win (3-0)

Week four: @ San Francisco 49ers

A matchup on the road against the Super Bowl runners up won’t exactly be easy and the Eagles will face their first true character test. The Niners offense, like Philly’s, is predicated on speed. We’ll really get a chance to see how guys like Davion Taylor are developing here, but I feel like that San Fran defense is going to make this a nailbiter…and one that Philly may end up coming up short of winning.

Result: Loss (3-1)

Week Five: @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben isn’t as dominant as he once was and although that defense is going to cause some huge problems, I feel like this will be the game where the next evolution of the Jim Schwartz defense clicks into place and wins the day, finally picking up when the offense can’t quite chug along as smoothly as it would like.

Result: Win (4-1)

Week 6: vs Baltimore Ravens

This is the big one. Put a red ring around week 6 because it’s going to be one of the spiciest matchups all year. The Ravens have a ridiculous defense (that somehow only got better this offseason) and we all know the threat Lamar Jackson possesses. This, for me, is the game where the Eagles meet the team they’re trying to emulate in many ways…but Anakin isn’t ready to beat Obi-Wan just yet and will end up losing his legs on Mustafar.

Result: Loss (4-2)

Week 7: vs New York Giants

…’s the Giants.

Result: Win (5-2)

Week 8: vs Dallas Cowboys

This is a tricky one. I genuinely feel as though the Eagles will drop the home game in week 8 (to the anger of everyone ever) and then finally get one over in Jerry World later in the season when stakes are higher.

Result: Loss (5-3)

Week 9: Bye


Week 10: @ New York Giants

With a full bye week to sit on the crushing defeat at home to the Cowboys, the Eagles tear apart a worn-down Giants team in a fashion much like they did to the Broncos in 2017. Fifty Burger? I think so.

Result: Win (6-3)

Week 11: @ Cleveland Browns

One part of me is thinking ‘ooooh, the Browns might get it together this year’. Then I remember it’s the Browns. Dub.

Result: Win (7-3)

Week 12: vs Seattle Seahawks

Until the Eagles can actually beat Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll, I refuse to spend another dollar of my hard-earned money betting that they do. They would’ve had a great chance in the playoffs had Wentz not been concussed, but that’s an argument for another day and I just can’t quite see a way past….yet. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but I won’t be chalking this up as an easy win.

Result: Loss (7-4)

Week 13: @ Green Bay Packers

We have no choice but to stan Aaron Rodgers hitting the self-destruct button on a team that added 0 wide receivers and 1 replacement quarterback in the NFL Draft.

Result: Win (8-4)

Week 14: vs New Orleans Saints

The Eagles have won a single game out of their last six meetings with the Saints and it didn’t come in the Doug Pederson era. However, it did come at home…which is where this game will be played. Unlike the last two heartbreaks, this matchup takes place away from the Superdome and in the cold, brisk, open air of Philadelphia, with thousands of roaring fans in attendance. This may finally be the game that Pederson can out-coach Sean Payton and stifle the rifle arm of Drew Brees.

Result: Win (9-4)

Week 15: @ Arizona Cardinals

This is a prime letdown spot and until Larry Fitzgerald is actually out of the league, he’ll find a way to cause ‘fitz’ for Philadelphia. Oh, and Kyler Murray now has DeAndre Hopkins at his disposal. Wonderful.

Result: Loss (9-5)

Week 16: @ Dallas Cowboys

The Eagles rebound from their week 8 loss to deliver a shattering uppercut to the jaw of the Cowboys on their own turf, securing a playoff spot.

Result: Win (10-5)

Week 17: Vs Washington Redskins

Probably a meaningless game that sees Washington playing for draft position and the Eagles climbing to a first-round bye. Book it.

Result: Win (11-5)

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports