RUMOR: Overseas Sixers prospect nearing his NBA debut


After over half a decade worth of waiting, the Philadelphia 76ers could finally see one of their second-round picks debut in the NBA. Selected with the 53rd pick in the 2014 NBA draft, Serbian point guard Vasilije Micic has spent the last six years playing overseas. 

During an interview with Lithuanian journalist Donatas Urbonas, Micic has this to stay about his future:

“Anadolu Efes (Turkish team) or the NBA – it’s the only scenarios I have for the next season”.

At just 26 years old, Micic is coming off the best year of his professional career. Averaging 14.5 points and 5.8 assists per game, Micic was instrumental in his team’s success as they captured the Turkish League championship. Micic also shot 40% from three and 96.4% from the foul line.

During the pre-draft process of 2014, Micic was often labeled as one of the better second-round prospects in the draft. Praised for his above average size, on-court vision, and superb leadership skills, Micic was compared to the likes of Jose Calderon. While Calderon may not turn any heads these days, that was over six years ago. Micic has had more than enough time to develop and grow as a player.

Micic is an interesting player to look at when considering a potential fit in the NBA. Standing at 6’ 6” and 203lbs, any worries about getting physically pushed around are nonexistent. At that size he would actually be an oversized point guard, and would likely guard opposing team’s shooting guards.

Micic’s natural instinct in passing and handling the ball would be valuable to any team in the market for a backup PG, and his above average shooting ability speaks for itself. 

Despite opting to remain in Europe the past six years, the Sixers organization still owns his NBA rights. If he does in fact choose to make the switch over to American basketball this year, he will begin his career as a 76er. This gives Elton Brand and the Sixers a variety of options. 

For starters, they could be in the market for a backup PG heading into 2021. Trey Burke was released and Raul Neto has looked below average at best. Considering the team’s current salary cap situation, investing in an established EuroLeague player on a second-round contract could be the best option available.

The other main direction the Sixers could go with this scenario is including Micic in a trade package. Multiple teams have reportedly shown interest in the Serbian guard, and he likely holds more value than any role player the Sixers currently have. Using him as the “cherry on top” in an Al Horford salary dump would be a solid use of assets.

It’s unknown what Micic’s decision will be at this time, but hopefully he joins the team sooner rather than later. In the end, it’s always fun knowing Sam Hinkie is still helping the Sixers even after all this time…

Mandatory Credit – © Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports