Ranking the current Head Coaches in Philadelphia Sports


With the Corona-virus postponing much of our beloved sports, it gives fans a chance to really sit back and think about where each team really is in the grand scope at a quest for a title. Before the virus cut short the NBA and NHL season, the Philadelphia Flyers were the surprise of the NHL while 76er fans were begging for a new Head Coach for their own playoff run. On the PSN Livestream of the NFL Draft, there was a deep discussion that really carried over throughout Day Three of the draft. That was, who is the best Head Coach in Philadelphia sports right now. With plenty of time on our hands, I ranked the best of the best in the city of brotherly love.

  1. Doug Pederson Years with Team: 4 Record: 38-26 (1 Super Bowl Trophy)

There was a debate between Pederson and Vigneault for the top spot but obviously, the Super Bowl ring puts Pederson over the rest. Bringing a Super Bowl to the city of Philadelphia obviously is special, but the fact that he outsmarted arguably the greatest coach in this generation is something to only add to the resume. John McMullen of ESPN New Jersey also thought that the Eagles run to the division title LAST season was Pederson’s best coaching job on the Birds in Focus podcast a couple of weeks ago. The fact of the matter is that Pederson has been the most successful of the Head Coaches since arriving in Philadelphia in 2016. He is the clear choice for #1.

2. Alain Vigneault Years with Team: One Record: 41-21

This was actually a tough one to decide between Girardi and Vigneault. However, since we haven’t actually seen the Phillies play yet, #2 goes to the Flyers’ new HC. Clearly Vigneault has a ton of pedigree taking two separate teams to the Stanley Cup Finals. The fact he had the Flyers on the cusp of the #1 seed in murders row of the Metro Division only helps his case. If the NHL season does pick up, the Flyers will be an extremely tough out in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and that’s due in large part to Vigneault.

3. Joe Girardi Years with Team: One *Has not played a game yet*

He hasn’t even managed a game yet and he is still ahead of Brett Brown. I honestly don’t think anyone could disagree either. Girardi brings championship pedigree to the Phillies after two disappointing seasons. The fact that Philadelphia got him away from the Mets is just an added bonus. They get a proven winner and leader of men. The Mets had to fire their Manager before he even managed a game. In-game wise, Girardi is already an improvement from the nightmares of the Gabe Kapler saga. He goes to #3 here.

4. Jim Curtin
Years with team: 7
Record: 83-82

Curtin hasn’t got close to winning an MLS title for the Blue and Gold, but he has come close on numerous occasions to adding a US Open Cup to an empty cabinet. The Union have endured some tumultuous times, but last year saw their best season yet under Curtin, who guided them to their first ever playoff win in thrilling fashion.

4. The Phanatic

50. Gritty

76. The guy at the bar yelling incoherently at the tv about how bad the 76ers are playing.

88. Brett Brown Years with Team: Seven Record: 217-340

All jokes aside, this has been one of the more disappointing regular seasons in 76er memory. There is way too much talent on the roster for them to be at the bottom half of a playoff seeding. You can blame front office, Al Horford, or Joel Embiid all you want, but Brett Brown has clearly shown he is not the guy to bring the 76ers to the title. I always bring the best example to the 2017-18 NBA Playoffs. Playing a depleted Celtics team with two All-Stars on the roster and Brett Brown was out-coached by Brad Stevens again and again. It was one of the more glaring issues during that entire series. Similar to when the Warriors fired Marv Jackson before bringing in Steve Kerr, the 76ers aren’t going to be true title contenders until a better in-game strategist is at the helm of the Sixers bench.