Howie Roseman breaks down aggressive moves on day 3 of the NFL Draft


On Saturday afternoon, Howie Roseman rescued what almost became a Draft that would leave Eagles fans across the nation scratching their head. The Eagles not only picked up some very exciting young talent, but they even acquired an older name too. Roseman met with the media after the curtains closed to break down some of those moves.

The mantra

We might need to call Howie Roseman ‘Lightning McQueen’ from now on. It felt like every draft pick or move was for a player that was renowned for eyebrow-raising speed and that wasn’t by chance. Roseman explained at the beginning of the press conference that following the playoff loss to Seattle, he wanted to infuse the roster with all the juice he could find. When referencing day 3 and the importance of the heart-and-soul of this draft class, that sentiment was again echoed.

When we went back and looked at our team over the last year, we wanted to get more explosive, we wanted to get faster, and I told that to you guys after the season. It was important we stuck to that. I know a bunch of our scouts over the last couple days and certainly today when we talked about it, they kind of threw it back in our face. You know, they said, ‘Hey, if we are looking to get faster, this guy is still on the board.’

The mindset

The Eagles were very quiet duringthe opening two days of the Draft. Too quiet. Roseman is renowned for his trading aggression and there were several opportunities (ahem, CeeDee Lamb) that were dangled in front of him. The GM refused to bite though and would surge into the trade market later on, making a series of moves. One with the Dolphins, another with the Niners, then with the Bears, and of course, a deal with the Devil. Why did he wait so long?

So we really wanted to have double-digit picks in this draft. It was important to us. We had picked ten picks in the last two years, and I know we didn’t come out of yesterday with that. So we felt like there would be an opportunity to move back and get a bunch of picks.

When the Cowboys call and they offer a trade, I’m going to be honest, that’s hard for me. That’s hard for me in the NFC East to make a trade with our competitors. So it had to be something that we felt was really good for our football team. The reality of it is that who we would’ve picked at that pick — I think it was 146 maybe — was the same guy that we were looking at when we were picking in the fifth round, so we picked up an additional pick and we kept moving.

That makes a ton of sense. The trade with the Cowboys, at the time, did not. Until it was revealed that Auburn Tackle Jack Driscoll can transition to guard, which is likely what the Eagles will have him do.

Here’s a recap of the team’s trades on day 3:

Acquired WR Marquise Goodwin and pick No. 210 in the 2020 NFL Draft from San Francisco in exchange for pick No. 190.

Traded picks No. 173 and No. 227 to Chicago in exchange for picks No. 196, No. 200, and No. 233.

Traded pick No. 164 to Miami in exchange for picks No. 173 and No. 227.

Traded pick No. 146 to Dallas in exchange for pick No. 164 and a 2021 5th-round pick.

The rookies

The Eagles selected a pair of wide receivers to work with Jalen Reagor on day 3 of the NFL Draft. John Hightower and Quez Watkins both bring burners to the table but it was a surprising decision to see the Eagles triple-dip at the position.

I know when we drafted [Boise State WR and Eagles fifth-round draft pick John] Hightower we had a lot of conversation about Hightower versus [Southern Miss WR and Eagles sixth-round draft pick Quez] Watkins. And then when we moved back and picked up a bunch of picks, we had an opportunity to get Watkins, too. We sat there and we said, ‘Let’s get both of these guys. These are guys that we feel passionately about, and let’s add them to the team and let competition dictate what’s best for our football team.’

The Eagles now have an abundance of speed on their roster after a year where they lacked it. After a 2018 where it was ripped from them, and a 2017 when it came in flurries. Roseman was keen to ensure history didn’t repeat itself.

It’s all ‘Good’win

One of the most surprising moves of the afternoon undoubtedly came when the Eagles traded for Niners WR Marquise Goodwin. The 29-year old speedster has had his battles with injuries in the past, but all the Eagles had to give up to acquire his services was…a pick swap. It was virtually a free gift from San Francisco, who were able to shed his cap room and inconsistency, while the Eagles get an extra insurance policy for that speed they covet. But there’s ev en more to this move than meets the eye.

This is going to be — I feel personally we’re going to have to lean on our veteran players. We’re going to have to lean on [WR] DeSean Jackson and [WR] Greg Ward, who we know has come into his own and been on our team for couple years. Guys like that. And now Marquise Goodwin, a veteran player who understands the game, until we can get these young guys caught up. But I think the dynamic of the offense, I think what we’ve done as a staff in the offseason with our scheme evaluation, making things better, the staff hires that I’ve done this spring to bring in new thoughts and new ideas and ways to enhance our offense, I think it’s going to look a little bit different.

Then when you look at this draft and this draft weekend, adding [former 49ers WR] Marquise [Goodwin]. Marquise is one of the fastest men in the world. And I mean that when I say that. He’s one of the fastest men in the world. He is so fast. Obviously [Eagles senior offensive assistant] Rich [Scangarello] had the opportunity to be with him, and so he recommended him to Andy, coach, and I. And then again, we go into this draft and we got some young players that can really run, but they can also play the game. They understand how to run routes. They’re not just track guys. They’re guys that we really felt passionate about.

It’s interesting to note that Scangarello had a say in this move. The Eagles revamped their coaching staff this offseason and it’s clear that the communication breakdowns in years past are intended to stay there. Even in a time where communication is harder than ever, this appears to have been a real collaborative effort from start to finish, and that should inspire hope for Eagles fans.

 Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports