Rumor: Former Player Hints at June 1 Return Date for NHL


Amidst the NFL draft craziness, as the Eagles draft Jalen Hurts in the second round, a former NHL player may have broke some news.

Former NHL “All-star” John Scott sent an intriguing tweet out Friday night. In it, Scott states that NHL camps “will begin again June 1,” and “European players are coming back soon.”

To make one thing clear, there is nothing to confirm this, at all. However, Scott is a former NHL player who is known to have connections with NHL general managers and coaches.

Could he have prematurely broken huge news in the sport’s world?

Sports fans have been craving this moment. After the Eagles potentially botched the entire draft, Philly fans could use news like this. As long as the NHL, with the help of medical experts, feels that it is safe to return, this should be done as soon as possible.

This would be welcome news, as it has been discussed that the NHL Entry Draft will take place in the same month it always has, June. If what Scott is saying is in fact what will happen, June will be a very busy month for the NHL.

Mandatory Credit – © Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports