Phillies Check-In: Aaron Nola


This morning, Aaron Nola spoke with ESPN between workouts with his Philadelphia Phillies teammates. As we have with a few of the Philadelphia Flyers players, Philly Sports Network wants to keep you updated on your favorite athletes. In his interview, Nola discussed how he is doing during COVID19, preparation for the 2020 MLB season, and a plan to start the season from the MLB. Here’s what we took away from Nola’s interview with ESPN:

Quarantine Aaron

During all of this, Aaron Nola and his girlfriend are quarantined in Clearwater, FL. It makes sense because this is where the team was located during Spring Training before the COVID19 quarantine. This is the first time Nola has had time off since he started playing baseball. It’s about the small wins during this pandemic.

“We know this won’t last forever, so we’re trying to take the positives during this time off.”

Aaron Nola; 4/24/2020

On the nicer days in Florida, Aaron Nola has been breaking the television cycle by going outside. Keeping in touch with his family has been key, including his brother on the Seattle Mariners, Austin Nola. Around a hundred friends and family were going to attend the matchup in July between the Nola brothers. Aside from his brother in Seattle, their parents are still in Louisiana, which has been a COVID19 hotbed. In Louisiana is Aaron’s uncle, who’s diagnosed with ALS.

“My uncle is doing well. The ALS is moving slow, so that’s good. He’s taking extra precautions now, for sure.”

Aaron Nola; 4/24/2020

Aaron Nola is doing everything to give back during the COVID19 pandemic. He is involved with the MLB Home Plate Project to provide food and in Philadelphia, Nola is working alongside Philabundance. He continues to be a role-model wherever he is to make sure we are all making it through this together.

Getting In Baseball Shape

“We still have a couple of guys that stayed back, Nick Pivetta and Spencer Howard, so I throw with them in a big, open field next to the stadium.”

Aaron Nola; 4/24/2020

That’s what the Philadelphia Phillies want to hear from Aaron Nola. The ace is at work with two other pitchers on the roster. If any part of the roster needs help, it’s been the pitching for the better part of a decade now. With Nola keeping in a routine with Nick Pivetta and Spencer Howard, there’s hope that those two can find a groove in 2020 in a pitching role. According to Nola, it sounds that the MLB isn’t giving a month for pitchers to be ready to play games.

“Word on the street is we’re not going to have a month to get ready, maybe a couple of weeks.”

Aaron Nola; 4/24/2020

Some of the conversations between the pitchers and coaches are simply about the quality of the types of pitches. Simply checking in on pitch movement. Above all, the most important aspect of all this is keeping the throwing arm in season condition. Nothing can be forced. It would be a shame to get through the quarantine and at season start, the injury bug catches up with pitchers who have stop-started their training regimen.

MLB’s Plan

Part of the plan to begin the MLB season is to play in Arizona. That’s a hot climate, but most teams during Spring Training are becoming accustomed to that temperature. With the Philadelphia Phillies in Florida, the adjustment isn’t mighty when the tentative plan is to begin the 2020 season in Arizona. Players want to play.

“Wherever they want to play, I’ll play.”

Aaron Nola; 4/24/2020

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